CPF Education Loan Scheme

Application for the CPF Education Loan Scheme usually opens 1 or 2 months before the start of term. Refer to NTU financial assistance website for the application period.

CPF Education Loan Scheme is a loan scheme which can be used to finance up to 100% of the MOE subsidized tuition fees for full-time undergraduate programme, subject to the funds availability in the CPF member's Ordinary Account.

  • Does not cover compulsory miscellaneous fees and hostel fees.  
  • Students taking Biomedical Sciences & Chinese Medicine programme will only be covered under the scheme for the first three years of study in NTU.
  • CPF funds cannot be withdrawn to pay for tuition fees that are not subsidized by MOE

You can use your own, your spouse's or your parents' CPF savings to pay for your tuition fees. The CPF Board will consider the use of sibling's or relative's CPF savings only on a case-by-case basis.

CPF Education Loan Scheme cannot be utilised to finance the tuition fees for Renaissance Engineering Programme (REP) course.

You are to appeal directly to CPF Board for the Board's approval, providing them with the reasons for your late application.

Once your application for CPF Education Loan Scheme is successful, member's CPF funds will be withdrawn every semester to finance your MOE Subsidised tuition fees up to the entire course of study.

You do not need to apply for CPF Education Loan Scheme every year.

If you wish to terminate the CPF Education Loan Scheme, you are required to cancel/revoke your application via CPF website.

Otherwise, CPF Board will continue to withdraw member's CPF funds every semester to pay for your tuition fees that are due and payable directly to the approved educational institutions. An administrative fee of $10.90 (inclusive of GST) is payable each time a deduction is made from the payer's Ordinary Account.

You may apply for other financial aid schemes such as the Tuition Fee Loan and Study Loan to finance your fees. 
You are required to commence repayment one year upon graduation or withdrawal from your programme, whichever is earlier.

The outstanding fees may be due to the following:-

i) Compulsory miscellaneous fees

Students are required to pay tuition fees and compulsory miscellaneous fees each semester. As CPF funds can only be used to finance up to 100% of the MOE Subsidized tuition fees, there will hence be outstanding miscellaneous fees if you did not arrange for payment using other resources (i.e. PSEA, Study Loan, cash/GIRO).

ii) Exceeded Available Withdrawal Limit

Members can use their Ordinary Account (OA) savings up to the Available Withdrawal Limit under the Education Scheme to finance up to 100% of the MOE Subsidized tuition fees.

The Available Withdrawal Limit is either 40% of the member's accumulated OA savings, or remaining OA balance, whichever is lower. If there are insufficient savings in the OA for withdrawal to pay for your tuition fees, your tuition fees will hence become outstanding.

You may have to make alternative arrangement to pay your outstanding tuition fees in cash, or consider other financing options such as the Tuition Fee Loan or Post-Secondary Education Account (PSEA) savings.

iii) Tuition fees not subsidized by MOE

CPF Education Funds can only be used to finance MOE subsidized tuition fees.

If you have exceeded the normal programme duration and your tuition fees are not subsidized by MOE, CPF funds cannot be withdrawn to pay for tuition fees that are not subsidized by MOE.

To stop CPF withdrawals, CPF payer to follow the steps below on submitting an online revocation.

1) Click here to "my cpf Online Services"

2) Click on "My Requests"

3) Select "Education/Dependant's Education"

4) Choose "Revoke the use of CPF for education"

5) Complete form and submit.

 You can check the status of your online requests by clicking "My Activities" after logging into "My CPF Online Services".