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We are committed to provide students with various opportunities to explore their interests, meet and work with like-minded individuals on meaningful projects and have an enriching and rewarding student life. 

Connect with new friends, pursue your passion and develop your interests and expand your horizons. Your REP chapter will be truly unforgettable and amazing!


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Renaissance Engineering Programme (REP) aims to groom engineering leaders with entrepreneurial spirit into change makers who are poised to take on the world. Our integrated and fully residential programme covers a broad spectrum of multidisciplinary subjects bridging engineering, business and humanities.

REP Achievements

Our students distinguish themselves in the classroom and around the world as they earned many regional and international accolades. We are proud of their achievement and will continue to support and provide them the platform to receive the necessary skills and knowledge.


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Hyun_R8 Shawn_R7

REP encourages conversation and collaboration between students with different interests and skills. Through workshops held by other students, we are encouraged to expand our horizon and learn from each other. REP supports the expansion and implementations of our ideas by giving us the appropriate resources such as the Maker’s Lab and support from REP fellows. REP empowers students to always challenge themselves and strive to achieve their goals.

Lee Seung Hyun

​The overseas exchange experience was undoubtedly the best part of my life as an undergraduate. Living abroad in Vancouver had been extremely eye-opening in more ways than one, from the well-structured academic curriculum in University of British Columbia to the vast and majestic natural landscape all around. Courses are conducted very much differently from that in Singapore, and it was a refreshingly novel approach towards academic rigour.

Austine Yapp Zong Han

It was an incredibly valuable experience to work at the Data Science team in McLaren Applied Technologies (MAT), London. MAT has a unique ‘tech start up’ culture and the workplace environment was very flexible and comfortable. I was given a fair amount of autonomy for my professional attachment project and my supervisors had conducted frequent catch-up sessions to ensure that I can raise queries when needed. Taking part in their ‘what-are-we-up-to’ meetings also gave me more exposure to the technologies used in the industry and piqued my academic interests. My module selection at Imperial College London was also largely influenced by my time at MAT, as I could relate the academic knowledge to the tools used in the industry.

Shawn Chen, who interned at McLaren Applied Technology, London

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