Post Secondary Education Account (PSEA)

PSEA funds may be utilized for:

  • Payment of  tuition fees  and compulsory miscellaneous fees for all undergraduates
  • Payment of compulsory hostel fees for Renaissance Engineering Programme students only 
  • Reimbursement of compulsory screening/vaccination fees for Medical Students only. 
  • Reimbursement of course fees/expenses related to enrichment programmes approved by the University.

All other fees such as late payment fees and hostel fees for all students except REP students are not covered by PSEA funds.

PSEA Standing Order (SO) form is for multiple recurring (or ongoing) withdrawal of PSEA funds to pay for both tuition and compulsory miscellaneous fees for each and every semester. Once the SO is established with MOE, funds equivalent to your total tuition and compulsory miscellaneous fees, or your available PSEA funds (whichever is lower) will be automatically withdrawn each semester.

You do not need to submit SO form every semester/year unless you wish to change the standing order instruction.

PSEA Ad Hoc Withdrawal form is a one-time withdrawal to pay for tuition fee and/or compulsory miscellaneous fees for any one particular semester. One application form is to be submitted for each specific withdrawal.

PSEA Ad Hoc Withdrawal form is also used for one-time withdrawal of PSEA funds to pay/reimburse for approved selected fees and costs (e.g. compulsory hostel fees for REP students, compulsory screening/vaccination for MED students, enrichment programmes approved by the university).

The Standing Order arrangement during your polytechnic studies will continue to be in force for your studies in the university.

If you wish to terminate the Standing Order arrangement, you are to submit an online application to MOE.

You may submit the Ad Hoc Withdrawal form to withdraw your PSEA funds for the semester's fees.   When the Standing Order application opens for the next semester, you may submit your Standing Order form.

You are to submit the PSEA Ad Hoc Withdrawal form, and indicate the usage category (TTF-FULLQ) and specify the exact amount you wish to be withdrawn from your PSEA.

The compulsory miscellaneous fee amount is available at PSEA page.   

MOE will inform students of the application outcome. A monthly Transaction Statement will be sent to the account holder if there are any PSEA contributions, withdrawal or refund transactions in the previous month.

You may also dial MOE Customer Service Hotline 6260-0777 to check your account balance.

Repayment Of Government Education Loans And Approved Financing Schemes

PSEA account holders can use their own PSEA funds to repay the principal loan, and any interest charged imposed in respect of the government loans or approved financing schemes:-

  • CPF Education Loan Scheme
  • Tuition Fee Loan (TFL) 
  • Study Loan (SL)
  • Overseas Student Programme (OSP) Loan

PSEA cannot be used to repay other non-approved schemes not listed above. For repayment of Government education loans and approved financing schemes using PSEA, PSEA holders must have already left the institution.

Transfer of unutilised PSEA funds to CPF

The PSEA account will be closed in the year the account holder turns 31 years of age. Any remaining balance will be automatically transferred to the account holder's CPF-Ordinary Account. The PSEA funds cannot be withdrawn in cash nor transferred to another bank account.