Admission Guide

Full-Time Undergraduate Programmes

Here’s how to apply to NTU online. Determine your application group which corresponds to the qualification you hold by referring to the table below. Click on the corresponding link for details of the admissions requirements and procedures for a successful undergraduate admission.

Admissions To Academic Year 2024-25 Undergraduate Programmes

Students, regardless of nationality, should apply under one of the following five groups that corresponds to their high school qualifications.


  1. Current or Former NUS, SIT, SMU, SUSS or SUTD Students
    Former or current students of National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT), Singapore Management University (SMU), Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) or Singapore University of Technology & Design (SUTD) seeking admission may apply under one of the corresponding groups.
  2. Current or Former NTU students
    Former Nanyang Technological University (NTU) students seeking re-admission; or current NTU students seeking change of programme to Arts (Education) and Science (Education) may apply under one of the corresponding groups. (Current NTU students seeking change of programme to other undergraduate programmes are to apply under Student Intranet.)
  3. Returning National Servicemen
    Full-Time National Servicemen (NSF) with places already reserved in NTU and who wish to submit new applications may do so by applying under the respective groups.


Advisory Clause

The Office of Admissions does not engage any 3rd party agent / organization / company  to represent the university or work with any 3rd party agent / organization / company to enrol full-time and part-time undergraduate students. All undergraduate admission related correspondences, notifications and e-mails are only sent by authorised personnel from the Office of Admissions.