Coursework Programmes Admission Guide

Students follow a prescribed course of study comprising several courses and undertake a project on which a dissertation will be written. For most programmes, the dissertation can be replaced by a few extra courses.  The course of study involves formal classes, lectures, tutorials, seminars, laboratory work and written examinations.

Admissions Eligibility

You need to have at least a good Bachelor degree.

If you are an existing final year undergraduate, you may apply for admission with provisional degree certificate and / or yearly examination results to date.

Required Test Score

For applicants whose native language is not English. The TOEFL/IELTS score is to be submitted with the application for admission. Test dates must be within 2 years or less from the date of application. Applicants without TOEFL/IELTS would still be eligible to apply, but they may be subjected to an interview/test if deemed necessary by the School.

The following online test scores are acceptable in view of Covid-19 pandemic. These test scores will also be applicable for AY2022 admissions.

  1. TOEFL iBT Special Home Edition
  2. TOEFL ITP Plus for China students
  3. IELTS Indicator
  4. GRE Take Home Test
  5. GMAT Online Test
Schools Minimum Score Required
Nanyang Business School ​600 (paper-based)
250 (computer-based)
100 (Internet-based)
Nanyang Technopreneurship Center
School of Biological Sciences
School of Civil & Environmental Engineering ​
School of Computer Science & Engineering ​ ​
School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering ​
School of Material Science & Engineering 
School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering ​
Wee Kim Wee School of Communication & Information  
Nanyang Centre for Public Administration ​ ​ ​
580 (paper-based
230 (computer-based)
88-89 (Internet-based)​ ​
(Min 5.5 for each skill module)
School of Physical & Mathematical Sciences ​ ​
​580-583 (paper-based)
237 (computer-based)
92 (Internet-based)
6.5 ​ ​
School of Humanities577 (paper-based)
233 (computer-based)
90 (Internet-based)
(Min 6.0 for each skill module)
School of Art, Design & Media600 (paper-based)
250 (computer-based)
100 (Internet-based)
S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies  

Programmes Minimum Score Required
Master of Media & Communications600 (paper-based)
250 (computer-based)
100 (Internet-based)
M.Sc. (Applied Economics)563 (paper-based)
223 (computer-based)
85 (Internet-based)
M.Sc. (Applied Gerontology)600 (paper-based)
250 (computer-based)
100 (Internet-based)

  1. IELTS is acceptable in lieu of TOEFL. Please refer to IELTS website for the required IELTS scores for different programmes. (under "IELTS Handbook" - "Interpretation of Results")
  2. Applicants without TOEFL/ IELTS, or do not meet the TOEFL/ IELTS requirements may still be considered for admission on case-by-case basis.

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Application has to be done online.

Application Period

Coursework programmes generally has one intake per year - August. To check specific application period, you may wish to check individual programme's application period. 

Intake in July/ August or January is subjected to the school’s selection and recommendation.

Trimester Programmes

Admission IntakeSchool/ CentreOpening of Application PortalClosing of Application Portal
July IntakeNanyang Technopreneurship Centre16 November15 February
School of Biological Sciences1 November31 January
School of Physical & Mathematical Sciences
School of Social Sciences
S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies1 September31 January
November IntakeSchool of Social Sciences - Applies only to MSc (Applied Economics)15 February31 May


Semester Programmes

Admission IntakeSchool/ CentreOpening of Application PortalClosing of Application Portal
August IntakeLee Kong Chian School of Medicine1 January31 March
Nanyang Centre of Public Administration - Applies to English Programmes1 December28 February
School of Art, Design & Media1 September15 March
School of Civil & Environmental Eng.1 November31 January
School of Computer Science & Eng.
School of Electronics & Electronical Eng.
School of Materials Science & Eng.
School of Mechanical & Aerospace Eng.
Wee Kim Wee School of Communications & Information
January IntakeNanyang Centre of Public Administration -Applies to English Programmes1 July30 September
School of Mechanical & Aerospace Eng. - Applies only to MSc (Project Management)1 August30 September
School of Materials Science & Eng.1 July30 September
School of Humanities1 March31 July

Programmes under Nanyang Business School (NBS) and National Institute of Education (NIE) have a separate application process. Do note that their application period may be different.

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Supporting Documents For Application

You must upload electronic copies of your supporting documents to the application portal. Documents uploaded must be in English. Otherwise, they must be accompanied by certified translations in English language.

Application fee will be charged for each Coursework application. Payment can be made online before submitting application by VISA/Mastercard.

General Information on Supporting Documents

1. Passport/Identification card (NRIC)

  • Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR) has to upload NRIC and Re-entry permit. 
  • A copy of the personal particulars page of your passport or identification card

2. One recent passport-sized colour photograph

  • Image showing full face must be taken within the last 3 months.
  • Photograph must be in colour and taken against a white background.


4. Degree Certification and Official Transcripts (Bachelor and/ or Masters)

4.1. Degree Certificate

a. Original Language
b. Official translation in English (if original is not in English)

4.2. Official Transcripts

a. Original Language
b. Official translation in English (if original is not in English)
c. Grading or marking scale of the Transcript (Interpretation of Grades/Marks)

(Translation can be done by the Home University or any official authorized parties)

Note on Official Transcripts

  • A copy of official transcript with detailed academic results (marks obtained in each subject, not just grades obtained, wherever possible) is required from each university attended. It should show the university name with the official stamp or it should be certified and translated by the university. 
  • If the transcript is in a language other than English, please provide an official English translation as well and the subjects in the translation should be listed in the same order as that of the original transcript (label the transcript if need be).
  • The applicant is responsible for requesting transcripts from his/her university or universities.

5. Other Supporting documents (if applicable)

  • Referee Report (For RSIS applications)
  • Resume

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Notes on Application

  • Applicants has to use the same application number if applying for more than one programme in the same intake (i.e. August intake). For applications under different intake, please use a new application number. 
  • Application fee payment can be made online before submitting application by VISA/Mastercard. Please ensure that application fee is made to the correct Coursework Application Number (eg C21xxxxx) and programme code. Application fee payment is non-transferable and non-refundable.
  • Complete set of supporting documents (must be legible) have to be uploaded via the application portal. Do not send paper copies. Late submission will not be accepted. The School may contact applicants for additional information or documents at a later date (if required).
  • You may check your application status 3 working days after you have made successful online payment.
  • Applications will be deemed invalid and will not be processed if payment is not made by the stipulated deadline and applicants will have to re-apply as a fresh applicant. No further notification will be sent to these applicants.

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  • Application status will be updated after you have received the University's acknowledgement receipt of application.
  • Please note that email enquiries on receipt of application and application status will not be entertained.
  • Application results may take up to 4 months to release from the date of application
For admissions matters and enquiries, please submit using the “Enquire Here” button