Tuition Grants

Tuition Grant

The Ministry of Education, Singapore (MOE) provides tuition grant (TG) which covers a substantial portion of the full tuition fees to eligible students.

Students who receive the tuition grant are required to pay only the subsidized tuition fee.

Who is Eligible?

Full-time undergraduate students who gain admission to NTU on a subsidised fee basi​s are eligible for Tuition Grant and GST subsidy from MOE up to the normal duration taken to complete a degree programme. This is usually three or four years, depending on the programme.

For students who transfer or are re-admitted within NTU or across local universities, they will be eligible for Tuition Grant up to the normal programme duration less the number of semesters of Tuition Grant received for the previous programme(s).

For example, if a student had spent 2 semesters in a local university, and transfers to NTU to pursue a 4-year (i.e. 8-semester)  undergraduate programme, the student will be eligible for the MOE Tuition Grant for only 6 (i.e. 8 minus 2) semesters at NTU.

How to Apply?

Singapore Citizens
Singaporean students do not need to submit an application for MOE Tuition Grant and will automatically receive a Tuition Grant, if they have not already availed the maximum Tuition Grant in another bachelor degree or higher degree in a local university. They are required to fill in a Tuition Grant Declaration Form after they have accepted their admission programme offer and obtained their matriculation number.

Permanent Residents and international students
SPR and International students who are interested in obtaining the MOE Tuition Grant to subsidise their tuition fees are required to indicate that they are opting for TG in their online admission application form.
If they are offered a Tuition Grant together with their university place, they will need to indicate their decision if they are accepting the offer with or without Tuition Grant. For those who have accepted the admission offer with Tuition Grant, they will need to register for a Tuition Grant after they have obtained their matriculation number.

For all non-Singaporean students (including Singapore Permanent Residents), in exchange for the grant received under the Tuition Grant Scheme, they are required to sign the Tuition Grant Agreement in which they will be contractually obliged to work in a Singapore entity for three (3) years upon graduation.

How to Register?

Singapore Citizens

For Singaporean students who have accepted both their admission programme offer and MOE Tuition Grant (TG) offer, there is no need to register for TG at the Ministry of Education’s website.


Singapore Permanent Residents and International Students

SPR and International students who have accepted both their admission programme offer and MOE TG offer, you are required to register online for TG at the Ministry of Education’s website here

TWO guarantors of any nationality are required. The guarantors must be aged 21 and above but below 65 and must not be an un-discharged bankrupt.

  • There are ​2 pre-application steps before register for TG:
    1. Get Singpass Ready

    If you do not already have a Singpass account, register for one as soon as you have your Student’s Pass. Refer to Singpass Registration User Guide for Student.

    1. Gather Sureties’ Information & Photo Identity Documents (ID) in advance.


  • Apply for Tuition Grant and sign the Tuition Grant Agreement
  • Application details such as application dates and user guide will be shared closer the date.
    After submitting your application, you and your sureties will receive email noti­fications to sign the TGA online.


    Scan the QR code for information


  • For students who do not apply for a Tuition Grant or do not complete the registration and signing process, they will be required to pay the non-subsidised fees.

 Further Information