Passion for Science and Engineering

Message from the Director

NTU's CN Yang Scholars Programme (CNYSP) is a premier Science and Engineering program designed to nurture innovators with a global perspective. This is not just a slogan; our curriculum is genuinely crafted to fulfil this vision. Firstly, we believe that future talents in Science and Engineering require comprehensive knowledge. In the first year, students will engage in special multidisciplinary courses, covering subjects from Math to Physics, and from Chemistry to Biology, to lay the foundations of their knowledge.

Secondly, we aim to spark innovation at an early stage. In the second year, our curriculum includes a research attachment, allowing students to enter the lab and engage in research early in their academic journey.

Thirdly, to provide global exposure and perspectives, the program supports overseas learning trips around the world. What sets CN Yang scholars apart is the opportunity to undertake a 5 to 8-month overseas final year project, generously funded by the program – a unique feature not commonly found in other programs.

It's important to mention the additional benefits, such as research awards for paper publications, conference funding, guaranteed hall stay, and more. We firmly believe that if you are passionate about Science and Engineering, you should consider joining our program. We are committed to taking good care of you throughout these four years, and your success will be our success.

We look forward to welcoming you into our community!

Prof Gao Weibo
Director of CN Yang Scholars Programme

What Our Scholars Say


I am very grateful to be part of the CN Yang Scholars Programme. CNYSP has given me the opportunity to work on various research projects that have enhanced my skills and expertise in my field of study, exposing me to knowledge and experiences that I would not acquire through a traditional undergraduate education. I have also benefited from the diverse and helpful community of peers and network of alumni that have supported me throughout my undergraduate journey, allowing me to forge friendships and mentorships with like-minded peers. Being a CN Yang scholar has also opened up many doors for me in terms of internships and jobs, as I have gained a competitive edge over others in terms of the in depth knowledge and expertise acquired through research. I would highly recommend this programme to anyone who is passionate about science and engineering and wants to make meaningful and impactful contributions to society.

Pye Sone Kyaw, Computer Sciences (Intake AY19/20)

CNYSP allowed me to explore my interests and discover my passion in ecological research. From the very first semester, we were taught basic research skills and given plenty of opportunities to conduct our own independent projects. No doubt these research stints have formed highlights of my undergraduate journey, shaping who I am today and what I plan to pursue in my career and further studies.

Alexis Goh, Environmental Earth Systems Science (Intake 18/19)

The CN Yang Scholars Programme has provided me with numerous opportunities to develop myself academically. The immense administrative and financial support that was given for my overseas final year project has encouraged me to step outside my comfort zone to explore my research interests. Additionally, the close-knit community of scholars in the CNYSP has made my academic journey at NTU an extremely fun and fulfilling one.

How Wei Bin, Chemistry and Biological Chemistry (Intake 18/19)

My time under the CN Yang Scholars Programme, while not always easy, has been a memorable one, and one that I will continue to look back fondly on. The programme has pushed me as an individual — providing me with a multitude of means to grow as a scientist and to explore the possibilities of the world of knowledge, beyond just my field of interest and beyond science — but it has also allowed me to forge strong friendships with wonderful, like-minded individuals. It has been a great privilege that some of the biggest lessons I've learnt were through the people I've met through the opportunities the programme has afforded me, and for that, I will always remain grateful.

Nur Amalina Lai Shan Shan, Physics and Applied Physics (Intake 18/19)

I was glad to work in an exciting and vibrant research group led by Professor Jonathan Kelly from the University of Toronto. The Space and Terrestrial Autonomous Robotics Laboratory, or STARS, for short, focuses on research spanning robotics, computer vision and artificial intelligence. I got to live the full PhD experience - journal reading, group meetings, bar nights, presentations - you name it. My research entitled "Semantic Mapping for Articulated Objects" was also interesting as it combined fields from computer vision and machine learning, allowing me to keep in touch with the state-of-the-art research. I found Canada to be a thriving place for research - often attracting many students internationally for undergraduate and graduate studies alike. It is definitely an experience to remember, and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity for this overseas research experience.

Luar Shui Song, Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Intake 16/17)