Passion for Science and Engineering

Message from the Director

Are you passionate about science and engineering? Do you have the enthusiasm to think out of the box and act creatively? If yes, this programme is for you!

NTU's CN Yang Scholars Programme (CNYSP) was established in the year 2006. It is named after Professor Chen-Ning Yang, a Chinese-American physicist, who won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1957, jointly with Professor Tsung-Dao Lee, for their trailblazing discovery of the violation of parity conservation in particle physics. The aim of this unique CNYSP is to further develop young scholars who have a great passion for science and engineering, and a strong desire to conduct research. 

CNYSP has a unique interdisciplinary and outcome-based curriculum that allows our scholars to receive rigorous training in a broad range of science and engineering. To build the competence of our scholars, our curriculum includes courses for creative making and tinkering, academic writing and communication skills, research attachments to NTU labs, as well as overseas research projects. We listen to feedback and keep improving to enhance the breadth and depth of learning in CNYSP. We give every scholar limitless opportunities for personal growth, enriching and moulding them into intellectuals with comprehensive capability. Our scholars will also have the chance to meet top scientists and engineers personally by attending both local and overseas conferences and seminars.

We want our scholars to be both great thinkers and doers. Equipped with both curiosity and dexterity, they can excel both independently and as a team.

Prof Fan Hongjin
Director of CN Yang Scholars Programme


What Our Scholars Say

Conducting my FYP with the Physics department of UCL has been enriching in many ways. I had the chance to be exposed to foreign research culture and to work in fields of research beyond the scope of NTU, allowing me to engage in Particle Physics. It was very inspiring to learn from renowned researchers at the top of the field and be working in an environment with people whose passion for physics were infectious. Through this project, I have experienced the joy of research and have gained an incredible amount that I could not possibly quantify. For that, I am extremely grateful to CNYSP for giving me this priceless educational experience.

Quek Cai Shan, Physics and Applied Physics (Intake AY14/15)

I was glad to work in an exciting and vibrant research group led by Professor Jonathan Kelly from the University of Toronto. The Space and Terrestrial Autonomous Robotics Laboratory, or STARS, for short, focuses on research spanning robotics, computer vision and artificial intelligence. I got to live the full PhD experience - journal reading, group meetings, bar nights, presentations - you name it. My research entitled "Semantic Mapping for Articulated Objects" was also interesting as it combined fields from computer vision and machine learning, allowing me to keep in touch with the state-of-the-art research. I found Canada to be a thriving place for research - often attracting many students internationally for undergraduate and graduate studies alike. It is definitely an experience to remember, and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity for this overseas research experience.

Luar Shui Song, Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Intake 16/17)