Talent Outreach

Talent Outreach, NTU aims to bring the best of NTU to students in Secondary Schools, Integrated Programme Schools and Junior Colleges in Singapore.

The enrichment programmes on offer cater to the different interests and learning styles of students, as well as offer alternative pathways for these future researchers and scientists to learn, grow and cultivate their passion for research.

Students enrolled in these programmes are offered an invaluable opportunity to interact with and learn from NTU faculty, scientists and researchers.

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Bridging@NTU is an intensive 12-month academic Bridging Programme for pre-matriculated students. The subjects covered are English, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics.


Enthuse! showcases a line-up of talks, workshops and tours aimed at providing students a peek into the exciting programmes and research opportunities within NTU.


H3 Science Research provides an opportunity for students keen in and with an aptitude for research to work on real-world research projects guided by NTU's faculty and scientists.

H3 Research

The H3 Taught Modules are an extension of the A-Level H2 curriculum. These modules touch on specific and specialised content, delving much deeper into the topics covered.

H3 Taught

The IvP provides an opportunity for students to develop their problem-solving and inventive skills, to use their creativity and imagination to create things.


The NRP offers JC and IP students a chance to undertake 8 months of intensive real-world research in NTU's specialised labs mentored by NTU faculty and researchers


NRPjr is meant for Secondary 3 and Year 3 & 4 students in IP Schools. Students will work on real-world research project in pairs under the mentorship of NTU faculty.


seeNTU builds upon the fundamentals of Maths and Science offering students the opportunity to further their knowledge through exciting hands-on modules.



The application periods for the different Talent Outreach Programmes run throughout the year. Click on the application links below to apply.