GEM Trailblazer Summer (Short-term Programme)

GEM Trailblazer Summer offers up to FIVE different tracks.  From experiencing a full Asian cultural experience to opportunities to enhance your future business career in Asia and staying abreast with the latest technology in 3D Printing!

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Application for Summer Programme
Partner's nomination: January
Partners' nomination deadline: extended until 31 March 2023

Application opens: 15 February
Application deadline: extended until 21 April 2023

Programme durations as follow:

DurationProgramme date starts/
Programme date ends/
4-weekWed 28 June 2023Sat 29 July 2023
2-week (ET5131)Wed 28 June 2023Sat 15 July 2023
2-week (ET5132)Wed 14 July 2023Sat 29 July 2023


Contact GEM Trailblazer Summer:

For any enquiries, please drop an email to [email protected].