Type of Sports Facilities

Location of Sports Facilities

Indoor Spaces

The Wave
​1 Multipurpose Sports Hall
​3 Activity Rooms
2 Teaching Rooms

Nanyang Green Sports Hall
3 Multipurpose Sports Halls
5 Activity Rooms 
1 Bouldering Wall

Outdoor Spaces

1 Main Field (Artificial Turf)
2 Multipurpose Fields (Artificial Turf)

3 Basketball Courts
3 Multipurpose Courts
6 Tennis Courts
1 Street Soccer Court
2 Multipurpose Courts @ Hall of Residence 2

1 50m 8-lane Swimming Pool
1 Children Wading Pool

​1 8-Lane 400m Running Track
1 5-Lane 50m Archery Range
2 Cricket Cages

Users are strictly prohibited from transferring, assigning, subletting or re-selling their booking(s) of the NTU sports facilities (or part thereof). In the event of such an occurrence, we reserve the right to stop the activities and cancel your booking without refund.  You (and the associated student/staff group) may be barred from making future bookings.