Types of Bursaries

Higher Education Community Bursary (HECB) or Higher Education Bursary (HEB)

Who is eligible?

  • Full-time Singaporean citizen undergraduate students
  • Part-time Singaporean citizen undergraduate students (eligible for HEB only)

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NTU also administers bursaries to support students in financial need. This includes donated bursaries which are offered by private individuals and organisations.

Who is eligible? 

  • Singaporean students pursuing their first full-time undergraduate degree course 
  • A limited number of donated bursaries are available to Singapore PR and international students paying subsidised tuition fees
  • NIE trainee teachers who are drawing a salary/stipend and whose tuition fees are paid by MOE during their course of study are not eligible to apply.
  • Students are accorded the awards based on the donors’ requirements.
  • Recipients should not hold any other scholarships/bursaries/awards without prior approval from the University.

Externally-administered bursaries are bursaries that are offered and administered by external organisations and companies. 

Who is eligible?

  • Singapore Citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents, with other varying eligibility requirements. 

Apply for Bursaries

Who should apply: Existing NTU students and new students joining NTU in the upcoming academic year (AY2024/25)

You need to submit only one application to be considered for both the government bursaries and NTU-administered bursaries. You are encouraged to apply early.

Application period:

1st window: 1 Feb - 31 Mar 
2nd window: 1 Jun – 15 Aug (please apply here only if you missed the 1st window application)

If you missed the 2nd application window and urgently require financial aid, please contact AskFinaid for assistance.

All bursaries are tenable for one academic year. Hence, a fresh application is required each academic year.



How to Apply

Full-time students


  • Please compile your  supporting documents into one PDF file, and upload it during your application in StudentLink. You will only be allowed to upload these documents once.
  • Freshmen who have not yet matriculated may upload the supporting documents via AskFinaid.

Apply Via StudentLink

Part-time students


Apply via AskFinaid

You will be informed of the outcome of your application via your NTU email account from May onwards or about six weeks after you have submitted your supporting documents, whichever is later. Successful applicants will need to accept the offer online, before the funds can be disbursed.

  • Bursary funds will be released to you on a semester basis with half of the award value released in Semester 1 and the remaining half released in Semester 2. This is provided that your student status is "Active" in the respective semesters (i.e. taking courses in NTU / on selected overseas programmes / not on Leave of Absence / have not graduated / have not withdrawn from NTU).
  • Bursary funds may be used to offset your tuition / compulsory miscellaneous fees that are still outstanding at the point of the bursary disbursement.

For students who are using a combination of loans and/or subsidies to settle their MOE subsidised tuition fees, the disbursement sequence (where applicable) is as follows:

General undergraduate programme studentsMedicine students
1. Mendaki Tertiary Tuition Fee Subsidy
2. PSEA funds
3.CPF funds under the CPF Education Loan Scheme
4. Tuition Fee Loan
5. Study Loan
6. Bursary
7. GIRO deduction from students' own account/other account (for those with a GIRO arrangement with NTU to pay their semestral tuition & compulsory miscellaneous fees)
1. Mendaki Tertiary Tuition Fee Subsidy
2. Government Bursary
3.PSEA funds
4.CPF funds under the CPF Education Loan Scheme
5. Tuition Fee Loan
6. Study Loan
7. Bursary
8. GIRO deduction from students' own account/other account (for those with a GIRO arrangement with NTU to pay their semestral tuition & compulsory miscellaneous fees)