Please click here to view your eligibility for the different bursaries available to NTU students. 

For applicants who submit all supporting documents before 31 July, you can expect to receive the outcome in August.
After 31 July, you will be informed of the outcome 4-6 weeks after you have submitted all the supporting documents.

Bursary is tenable for only a year.  If you wish to be considered for a bursary for the next academic year, you are required to submit an online application together with a fresh set of supporting documents during the application period.

Students receiving the NTU-administered bursary must not concurrently hold another external bursary/scholarship/award without the approval of the university.

You may only hold another award concurrently if the external sponsor/donor has indicated specifically that their award is meant to either pay for NTU tuition fees only (and no other costs such as living costs) or to defray costs related to an overseas programme.

Bursary funds will be disbursed on a per semester basis, on the condition that the students' status is active for the semester.

The bursary amount reflected in your offer is for one academic year.  Half of it will be released in semester 1 and the remaining half will be released in semester 2.

Funds for Semester 1 will be disbursed by end October or 6 - 8 weeks after online acceptance of the bursary whichever is later. Funds for Semester 2 will be disbursed by end March or 6 - 8 weeks after online acceptance of the bursary whichever is later.

Late applications are not accepted.  However, if you have valid reasons for missing the application and/or document submission deadline, you may send in your appeal to Ask Finaid for consideration.