Safety & Health Policy Statement

Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in recognizing its corporate responsibility commits to take all reasonably practicable means to provide a safe and healthy environment to all faculty, staff, partners, students, collaborators and visitors. NTU is committed to: 

  • Comply with applicable safety, health & environment legislations in Singapore; 
  • Adopt the internationally recognized OH&S management framework (ISO 45001) and proactively manage the risks to prevent incident;
  • Inculcate the sense of shared stewardship for OH&S matters among faculty, staff and students through consultation and participation to prevent injury, ill-health and care for the well-being for the community;
  • Set OH&S objectives and monitor relevant safety, occupational health or well-being performances periodically for improvements; 
  • Provide appropriate OH&S training, information and supervision for faculty, staff and students to work safely in eliminating or reducing risks at source, protect the well-being of persons and be prepared for emergency situations;
  • Report and investigate promptly all incidents to determine the root cause(s) and take appropriate actions to prevent recurrence;
  • Review the infrastructural facilities and research projects to address OH&S risks as well as the prevention to environmental pollution; 
  • Provide appropriate resources to achieve the intent of this policy; and
  • Strive for continual improvements to NTU OH&S management system (OHSMS).
The University aims to make itself a healthy and safe place to work and study. It places importance on the health and safety of staff, students and visitors and has very low appetite for any deviation from its standards and legislative responsibilities in these areas.