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If you’re facing financial difficulties, NTU is here to support you. That way, you can focus on your studies and make the most of your university experience, without the stress of financial worries. Find out which financial assistance schemes can help you with your University expenses below. 

Everyone’s personal circumstances will look different. Reach out to your Associate Chair (Students) to learn about financial aid options available based on your circumstances, or the Financial Aid Office for clarification on the various financial aid schemes and the application processes. 

From the new academic year starting in August 2024, NTU will enhance its financial aid scheme so that all undergraduate bursary recipients from the two lowest income tiers will have their tuition fees fully subsidised. Click here to read more. 

Please note that the 2nd application window for Bursaries AY24/25 and Study Loan has been revised to begin in July and students will be informed in due course.



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For Students Pursuing A Part-time Programme

 For paying tuition feesFor defraying living expenses



Application Dates

Bursaries AY24/25 and
Study Loan (1st window)

Bursaries AY24/25 and
Study Loan (2nd window)

PSEA and Mendaki TTFS
(AY24/25, Sem 1)

CPF Education Loan
(AY24/25, Sem 1)

Student Loan and
Emergency Grant