1. Will there be any closure of roads?

No roads are expected to be closed during the construction of the MRT stations at NTU. A lane-by-lane replacement will keep the roads open during daytime to help minimise any impact or disturbance to motorists.  However, road closures may be required at night for certain construction activities. Motorists should follow the instructions of road signs and traffic wardens on-site.

2. Will the routes of public bus services or NTU shuttle bus services be affected?

During the construction period, we will do our best to avoid affecting any bus routes or causing any disruption to the existing public bus and shuttle bus services. Alternative travel options will be provided if necessary.

3. What are the mitigating measures to control construction noise levels?

As some construction work sites are located near residential or institutional buildings, we understand that the construction noise generated will be a concern to students, employees and campus residents. The construction activities will follow the permissible noise levels based on the National Environment Agency’s guidelines. We will implement various mitigating measures on-site to minimise the impact of noise on residents.

4. What are the alternative study places besides the residential halls?

Students who need alternative spaces for personal study are advised to utilise the Quiet Zones at the libraries and other study spaces on campus.

5. Would all the trees along the viaduct be felled?

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) aims to reduce the impact on trees and greenery as much as possible during construction. The LTA consults the National Parks Board before any tree is felled, to minimise the number of trees affected. Towards the end of the construction work, the LTA will replace the affected trees and greenery. There are also plans to salvage the more sizeable trees for artistic usage by NTU’s School of Art, Design and Media.   

6. Will the food and beverage outlets on campus be closed?

The food and beverage outlets on campus will remain operational during the MRT construction period.

7. Will there be construction workers loitering around the campus’ academic and residential areas?

For safety reasons and based on the current Government guidelines, construction workers are strictly required to stay within their designated work sites and rest areas.

8. Will the food and beverage outlets around campus be crowded with construction workers?

The construction workers have their own designated areas and will not be patronising the food and beverage outlets on campus. The project management and construction team has also been advised not to patronise these outlets during lunch peak hours to avoid overcrowding.