Global Programmes in NTU

Nanyang Technological University (NTU)  advocates global citizenship and contributes to the attainment of United Nations' sustainability goals through its various mobility programmes.  These programmes are designed for students to achieve cultural empathy, understand global affairs and issues, manage cultural differences and acquire cultural intelligence. 

We are committed to providing transformative global learning opportunities and our students have made more than 6,600 trips to pursue overseas programmes and activities in over 60 countries yearly.  NTU also offers a wide array of Global Programmes to about 2,700 international students for study and research in our Smart Campus. 

Through NTU's collaborations with top universities, employers and Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) across the world, students are given the opportunity to build meaningful networks, contribute to social causes,  and remain globally competitive.  

Inbound Programmes

Every year, we welcome hundreds of international and local students through our inbound programmes to a uniquely Asian adventure in one of the most thrilling metropolitan cities in Asia! With opportunites for study and research, NTU is the place to build lifelong friendships, enhance your global edge, and develop the 21st century competencies essential for future success. Explore our inbound programmes below:

GEM Trailblazer Summer (Short Term Programme)

The future is HOT in Asia! Spend a summer in Singapore, the perfect "soft landing" in the heard of the fast-developing Asia-Pacific region.

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GEM Trailblazer (Semester)

GEM Trailblazer (Semester Exchange)

The GEM Trailblazer exchange programme allows you to study or conduct research in NTU, while earning credit towards your home degree.

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Singapore Universities Student Exchange Programme (SUSEP)

Students from local partner universities can participate in either partial or full semester-long exchange at NTU.

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Visiting Research Students (Non-Graduating Non-Exchange)

Engage in research activities or discover new ideas at our state-of-the-art facilities under the direct supervision of our acclaimed faculty.

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India Connect @ NTU

Global Connect Fellowship (GCF)

Global Connect Fellowship (GCF) offers students worldwide a prestigious chance to conduct two-month research at NTU.

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Preparing to Study Abroad

Singapore is a safe and friendly destination, but we get that living and studying abroad is a big adjustment. Here is some information to help you make the most of the NTU experience!

Our NTU - A Guide for International Students

Outbound Programmes

NTU offers enriching student mobility programmes with more than 350 partner universities in close to 40 countries around the world through its Global Education and Mobility (GEM) initiatives such as GEM Explorer and GEM Discoverer programmes.

Under the purview of the Office of Academic Services (OAS), the Singapore University Student Exchange Programme (SUSEP) enables students of NTU, NUS, SMU and SUTD to experience student life and unique pedagogy at a local host institution while pursuing their degree programmes in their home universities.

NTU students have a chance to widen their perspective of the working world through overseas internships and entrepreneurship initiatives. This enhances their employability and career prospects, preparing them to compete locally and internationally. The Career and Attachment Office (CAO) and Nanyang Technopreneurship Centre work closely with programme offices, schools and employers to bring these opportunities to our students.  

NTU strongly believes in providing students with authentic and life-long learning experiences through community engagement via the facilitation of the Student Affairs Office.  In this way, NTU students would have the chance to contribute to various regions in Asia and take part in significant social causes.


GEM Explorer (Semester Exchange)

GEM Explorer enables students to take courses or conduct research in an overseas partner university for one full semester while exploring a new country and culture.

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GEM Discoverer (Short-Term Programmes)

GEM Discoverer offers a variety of opportunities for students to study abroad either in summer or winter in any of NTU’s partner institutions. Short stints like taking courses overseas, language immersion programmes and thematic studies in ASEAN countries and key Asian markets allow students to acquire worthwhile overseas experience in a short period of time.

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GEM VEnturer (Virtual Education)

NTU GEM VEnturer-01_Low R

GEM VEnturer offers a variety of semester and short-term virtual study courses and programmes to suit the different study plans and academic goals of NTU students. It aims to add an international perspective to a student’s learning journey through online synchronous, asynchronous or hybrid learning with local and international students.

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Overseas Internship

Overseas Internship

The Career & Attachment Office provides internship and other career related opportunities for students to widen their perspective of the working world.

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OEP by NTU Entrepreneurship Academy

The OEP by NTU Entrepreneurship Academy provides a unique opportunity for NTU undergraduates to gain entrepreneurial experience outside the classroom. Students are offered internship roles in technology-based start-ups in global innovation hotspots, and work closely with founders to contribute to the business. Through OEP, students will gain a global perspective of business and markets, build valuable business contacts, and develop the skills to build and run a start-up.

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Overseas Community Engagement Projects (OCEP)


Participants of OCEP bring light and warmth to the communities they serve, creating sustainable impact through small but consistent efforts.

Every year, over 30 teams of NTU students travel to the neighbouring countries in ASEAN or the Asia region to serve communities beyond their home ground.

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Singapore Universities Student Exchange Programme (SUSEP)

SUSEP Outbound

NTU students are able to experience different pedagogies offered by any of our local and world-renowned partner institutions such as NUS, SMU and SUTD while pursuing their degrees in NTU. NTU students may access the Intranet portal for more information.

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Travel Safety and Security

NTU sends students to more than 40 countries yearly and through proper planning and research, students can enjoy this meaningful experience with broad knowledge on health and safety as well as information on mitigating travel risks.

NTU fosters global alliances for transformative global learning opportunities

These linkages advance our global outlook and build productive global relationships in support of research collaboration, student learning and exchanges, joint research project or thesis supervision, teaching exchanges and other forms of engagement. International students are welcome to access our world-class academic resources and industry-led academic models while experiencing the accelerating pulse of one of the most progressive cities in Asia.

Higher Education Institutions are welcome to reach our Team to work on creative mobility programme development, advancing exchange agreements and set up international meetings and visits.

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