Make the most of your experience with us

At this home away from home, options are aplenty as you settle in and mingle with your peers in the same hall. Immerse in a multi-cultural and diverse environment and explore our dynamic and enriching residential education programme. There are also facilities such as the gym, music room and exciting year-round hall activities for you to participate in.

We're excited to have you experience vibrant school life with us.

Our halls are more than just places to live

Freshmen are given the opportunity to create a second home in the company of campus buddies. 
Find out more about how to pick the right hall for you, the exciting activities going on, and more.

hall life

My banyan tree residence

When NTU’s three newest halls of residence are ready in September, another 2,000 more students will call NTU “home”.

Dorm sweet dorm

At the NTU halls, students wind down together after classes and bond over activities such as hall suppers, night cycling and talent showcase performances.

Our halls of residences

Sign up for dorm life by submitting an application online during the hall application period.
You can indicate your preference for either a single or double room, and an air-conditioned or non-air-conditioned room.