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As one of NTU’s leading Premier Scholars Programmes, NTU-USP is a vibrant and unique programme specially designed to offer outstanding students global learning opportunities that complement their core areas of study. This academically rigorous multi-disciplinary programme bridges NTU's core disciplines, adding breadth to each scholar's academic experience through exposing them to interdisciplinary courses across the sciences, engineering, humanities and social sciences. NTU-USP scholars will be also be challenged to sharpen their critical thinking skills and leadership abilities through interdisciplinary academic and co-curricular programmes promoting independent learning and immersive cultural experiences.


Low Zhi Hong - edited Kwang Yi Jing - edited Ng Xinyu

​The NTU-USP experience has stretched my intellectual capacity and broadened my perspectives of the world – well beyond the scope of my engineering degree. Of all, I am utmost thankful to be part of a student community which is highly self-driven, capable and very supportive. My peers have continuously inspired me to strive for greater success in university and beyond.

Low Zhi Hong, Class of 2017, ​Aerospace Engineering

While the scholarship offers impressive monetary benefits, I benefited most from the programme's ability to bring together a group of intelligent, like-minded, and driven individuals. It forged a community that felt very much like home. It provided a network and sounding board to call upon, when needed. Most importantly, being around my peers - many of whom are more talented and accomplished than I am - inspired daily self-reflection and improvement. It pushed me to strive for more. 4 years later, I can safely say I have achieved more today because of NTU-USP.

Kwang Yi Jing, Class of 2018, Accountancy & Business

The NTU-USP community has been my greatest takeaway from university. I've been blessed with countless opportunities to develop myself as a leader, hold meaningful and intellectual discussions with my peers, broaden my perspectives with trips overseas and learn from passionate professors. For anyone looking for a holistic environment to develop themselves and learn from the sharpest of minds and kindest of hearts in the community, NTU-USP is the place to be.

Ng Xinyu, Class of 2019, Communication Studies