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As one of NTU’s leading Premier Scholars Programmes, NTU-USP is a vibrant and unique programme specially designed to offer outstanding students global learning opportunities that complement their core areas of study. This academically rigorous multi-disciplinary programme bridges NTU's core disciplines, adding breadth to each scholar's academic experience through exposing them to interdisciplinary courses across the sciences, engineering, humanities and social sciences. NTU-USP scholars will be also be challenged to sharpen their critical thinking skills and leadership abilities through interdisciplinary academic and co-curricular programmes promoting independent learning and immersive cultural experiences.


Our Identity: A multi-disciplinary programme that complements NTU’s core disciplines.

Our Goals: Develop independent thinkers. Nurture empathetic leaders. Foster engaged community. Encourage global citizenship.


Low Yong Zhou, Class 2023, Accountancy & Business

My NTU-USP journey was truly a transformative one. Looking back, NTU-USP offered countless opportunities to expand my horizons abroad and a nurturing environment to grow and develop holistically. Each takeaway from the inspiring faculty and peers I met on this journey has shaped me into the person I am today.

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Ang Wan Qi, Class of 2022, Environmental Earth Systems Science

NTU-USP classes prompted me to delve deeper into a variety of social and philosophical issues. As a science student, the NTU-USP experience has proven to be a valuable supplement to my academic journey and has contributed significantly to my overall development. The curriculum equipped me with a well-rounded perspective and a solid foundation that enables me to explore diverse topics beyond my primary field of study even after graduation.

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Lim Jia Yi, Class 2021, Linguistics and Multilingual Studies

My NTU-USP experience is shaped by the little moments - sneaking in Koufu dinners during our 4.30pm classes, late nights studying together at the Crespion canteen, debating over AI ethics one day and the next on which theme would work best for our annual Back2School event, and so much more. These little moments were made extraordinary with the warm and supportive community here at NTU-USP. They gave me both the courage to try new things (like running for club president in my final year!) and comfort in knowing that these friends are for life.

Thung Yi Tian, Class of 2020, Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Thung Yi Tian, Class of 2020, Physical and Mathematical Sciences

The NTU-USP curriculum has provided me with a deep perspective on a broad range of topics, equipping me with soft skills to master any knowledge beyond my discipline. The cohesive and motivated student community has been crucial in giving me support during and well beyond my undergraduate journey, pushing me to strive for excellence in my pursuits.

Ng Xinyu, Class of 2019, Communication Studies

The NTU-USP community has been my greatest takeaway from university. I've been blessed with countless opportunities to develop myself as a leader, hold meaningful and intellectual discussions with my peers, broaden my perspectives with trips overseas and learn from passionate professors. For anyone looking for a holistic environment to develop themselves and learn from the sharpest of minds and kindest of hearts in the community, NTU-USP is the place to be.

Kwang Yi Jing, Class of 2018, Accountancy & Business

While the scholarship offers impressive monetary benefits, I benefited most from the programme's ability to bring together a group of intelligent, like-minded, and driven individuals. It forged a community that felt very much like home. It provided a network and sounding board to call upon, when needed. Most importantly, being around my peers - many of whom are more talented and accomplished than I am - inspired daily self-reflection and improvement. It pushed me to strive for more. 4 years later, I can safely say I have achieved more today because of NTU-USP.

Low Zhi Hong, Class of 2017, ​Aerospace Engineering

​The NTU-USP experience has stretched my intellectual capacity and broadened my perspectives of the world – well beyond the scope of my engineering degree. Of all, I am utmost thankful to be part of a student community which is highly self-driven, capable and very supportive. My peers have continuously inspired me to strive for greater success in university and beyond.

Lek Yan Ru, Class of 2016, Sociology

Participating in the NTU-USP was a transformative experience, blending diverse disciplinary exploration with the privilege of engaging with humble yet brilliant minds. Till now, I fondly recall the Summer Programme, which included USP students, other participants from NTU and two other foreign universities - this experience was unqiue and enriching. I'm deeply grateful for the NTU-USP journey, which has provided me with great exposure and supportive lifelong friends :)

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