Mendaki Tertiary Tuition Fee Subsidy

The Mendaki Tertiary Tuition Fee Subsidy (TTFS) scheme, introduced in 1991, is an education subsidy for Malay students to cover their tuition fees at tertiary institutions. The Government, together with Yayasan Mendaki, has revised the income eligibility criteria for the scheme to benefit more Malay students in tertiary institutions to ensure that students in financially challenged families are not denied access to higher education, while cultivating the spirit of self-reliance in more well-to-do families. The new criteria will take effect from the academic year (AY2012).

Who is eligible?

  • Singapore Citizen/Singapore Permanent Resident Malay students.
  • Students whose race or the first component of the double-barrelled race is Malay.
  • Monthly household Per Capita Income (PCI) does not exceed S$2,000.
  • Students receiving MOE Tuition Grant and pursing their first full time degree.


  • 100% of MOE subsidized tuition fee payable by Singaporean student if PCI is S$1,400 and below.
  • 75% of MOE subsidized tuition fee payable by Singaporean student if PCI is between S$1,401 to S$1,700.
  • 50% of MOE subsidized tuition fee payable by Singaporean student if PCI is between S$1,701 to S$2,000.

Disbursement of funds
For students who are using a combination of loans &/or subsidies to settle their MOE subsidised tuition fees, the disbursement sequence is as follows:

  1. Mendaki Tertiary Tuition fee Subsidies (MTTFS) where applicable
  2. PSEA funds where applicable
  3. CPF funds under the CPF Education Loan Scheme where applicable
  4. Tuition Fee Loan (TFL) where applicable
  5. Study Loan (SL) where applicable
  6. Bursary where applicable
  7. GIRO deduction from students' own account/other account (for those with a GIRO arrangement with NTU to pay their semestral tuition & compulsory miscellaneous fees) 

The total disbursements shall not exceed the amount of tuition, compulsory miscellaneous and late fees payable.

How to apply

  • Apply online at My.MENDAKI portal during the application period. (Do not submit any hardcopy forms to Mendaki)
  • Supporting documents are to be submitted via the on-line application.
  • You are required to submit only one application for the whole programme of study.
  • Yayasan Mendaki will inform you of the outcome and update NTU if your application has been approved.

For existing students who would like Mendaki to review their subsidy amount, you will need to reapply again. Existing students who are receiving 100% subsidy need not reapply for the subsidy.

Application Period

To take effect fromApplication Period
​Semester 1 AY2024-251 June 2024 – 30 July 2024
​Semester 2 AY2024-25​21 November 2024 – 15 December 2024

To check on your application outcome or to appeal to apply after this deadline, email directly to Yayasan Mendaki at [email protected]

Further Information
More information on this scheme and other financial assistance offered by Yayasan Mendaki is available at