H3 Taught Module

The H3 Programme is part of the A-level curriculum that caters to the learning interests of students enrolled in Integrated Programme (IP) School, Junior College (JC), and Millennia Institute (MI). It can either take the form of a Taught Module or a Science Research Programme.

NTU offers one H3 Taught Module - Semiconductor Physics & Devices.

The module is designed to be an extension of the curriculum that is covered in H2 Physics. It delves deeper into the different topics and covers contents not taught in the classroom. Students get to work in the NTU laboratory under the guidance of the NTU faculty.

NTU-H3 Semiconductor Physics & Devices is offered at the start of the JC2/Year 6 and the lessons will typically run from the second week of January till the end of April, culminating in a Written Examination in mid-May.