H3 Taught Modules

The Higher 3 (H3) Programme is part of the A-level curriculum that caters to the learning interests of students enrolled in Integrated Programme (IP) School, Junior College (JC), and Millennia Institute (MI). It can either take the form of a Taught Module or a Science Research Programme.

NTU currently offers two H3 Taught Modules - Molecular Biology and Semiconductor Physics & Devices.

The H3 Taught Modules offered by NTU are designed to be extensions of the curriculum that is covered in the corresponding Higher 2 (H2) subject. They delve deeper into topics and also cover specialised content not taught in the classroom. 

NTU-H3 Taught Modules are offered at the start of the JC2/Year 6 and lessons will typically run from the second week of January till the end of April, culminating in a Written Examination in mid-May.