Tuition Fee Loan

Full-time undergraduates of all nationalities paying subsidized NTU tuition fees. The loan only applies to tuition fees charged by NTU.
Singapore Citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents who are enrolled in full-time undergraduate degree programmes paying non-subsidized tuition fees.
Singapore Citizens who are pursuing their first part-time subsidized undergraduate degree programme.
International undergraduates paying non-subsidized tuition fees.
So long as your relative/friend does not exceed 60 years of age at the point of your loan form submission at the bank, he may stand in as your loan guarantor.

For all full-time undergraduates, the loan finances up to 90% of the MOE subsidized tuition fees payable by Singaporeans.

The loan does not cover compulsory miscellaneous fees or hostel fees.

You need only apply once for this loan to cover you for the remaining duration of your programme at NTU.

Both you and your guarantor are to apply for Tuition Fee Loan via the bank (OCBC or DBS). After the submission, the bank will notify you of the outcome.

Please visit our website for application procedures at OCBC or DBS respectively.

To check directly with the bank you had visited on your application outcome.             

DBS Bank Tel: 6333 0033
OCBC Bank Tel: 1800-363 3333

The loan is interest free during study, with interest and repayments (instalments) commencing upon graduation. As a guide, if you graduate in June, the norm is for interest to commence in August. The bank will inform you of the interest start date. 

Interest will commence regardless if you choose to delay the start of your monthly repayments (instalments) to the bank.