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NTU Safety and Health Awards 2023

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Health and Safety @ NTU

About NTU Office of Health and Safety

The University aims to make itself a healthy and safe place to work and study.

The University aims to make itself a healthy and safe place to work and study. It places importance on the health and safety of staff, students and visitors and has very low appetite for any deviation from its standards and legislative responsibilities in these areas.

NTU's leadership is deeply committed to making our campus a safe place for all faculty, staff, and students. The importance of upholding Health and Safety (HS) standards and building a strong HS culture cannot be overstated. The senior leadership sets the tone and demonstrate and communicate highly effective standards to advance towards NTU vision of a healthy workforce in safe workplaces. There are 5 pillars to institutionalize this vision. 

Healthy Workforce in Safe Workplaces



Commitment by leadership to the highest standards of H&S



Always innovating in H&S solutions and practices



Going beyond compliance in all campus activities



Embracing H&S as a core value among campus community & stakeholders



Achieving certifications that demonstrate commitment to H&S (system, codes and practices)

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What we do

The Office of Health and Safety (OHS) is the central office overseeing the development and implementation of University level HS structure and programmes. OHS keeps the University Community Safe & Healthy by development of scientific standards and sustainable safety and health systems.

Reporting of Safety Incidents and Anonymous Concerns

For medical attention, please visit the University Clinic during Office Hours or the nearest Hospital Accident and Emergency (A&E).
 If you require safety or security advice for staff and student-led events and activities, click on the button below.

Report an Health and Safety Incident

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Embracing Sustainable Safety & Health Culture in NTU (Part 1 & 2)

In celebration of World Health and Safety Day 2024, the Office of Health and Safety (OHS) cordially invites the recipients of the NTU Safety & Health Performance Awards to impart their exemplary safety and health best practices with the university community.

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NTU Safety and Health Awards 2023

The NTU Safety & Health Awards 2023 is a platform to reward and recognize the safety and the health performance and best practices of various Schools, Departments and Centres in year 2023.

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NTU OHS - Bringing EHS Excellence to NTU 15 Jan 2024

Bringing EHS Excellence to NTU - 15 January 2024

Today research is highly complex with the generation of materials through interdisciplinary research. NTU is pleased to bring together a panel of academics and safety professionals.

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