Interdisciplinary Collaborative Core (ICC)

The rapidly changing nature of work, compounded by the relentless speed of innovation, necessitates a change in how we educate our future generations. To ensure that our graduates are future ready and prepared for lifelong learning and global citizenship, the education we provide must transcend the traditional boundaries of disciplines to address the nexus between theoretical and practical learning; “hard skills” and “soft skills”; and core curriculum and co-curriculum.

For this reason, NTU set up a new curriculum structure offering a range of Interdisciplinary Collaborative Core (ICC) Courses.

Aligned with the NTU 2025 Education Strategy and the learning outcomes embodied by the 3Cs expected of all NTU undergraduates - Character, Competence, and Cognitive Agility - the ICC curriculum focuses on key transferable skills and global challenges.


An introductory video to ICC

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South Spine, S4
Singapore 639798 (NTU Campus Map Link)

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