Visiting Research Students (Non-Graduating Non-Exchange)

Seize the opportunity to join us as a Visiting Research Student (Non-Graduating Non-Exchange) in NTU! Engage in research activities or discover new ideas at our state-of-the-art facilities under the direct supervision of our acclaimed faculty.


  • Inbound students (undergraduate or postgraduate) must be active students from a reputable university, assessed and confirmed by NTU as student applicant.
  • The intended research must be part of the student’s degree requirements and must be endorsed by their home university and approved by NTU.


  • Students must hold a valid Students' Pass (STP) for the entire duration of research. The STP does not permit students to work and/or receive any type of allowance or stipend.
  • Students are are required to pay administration, miscellaneous, and research fees to NTU.
  • Students will conduct the research full-time for a duration of at least 3 full months and up to one year, preferably in accordance with NTU’s academic calendar.
  • The weekly time commitment for full-time research must meet a minimum of 40 hours per week or 8 hours on a 5-day work week.

Students may refer to the Faculty Directory to identify a supervisor to explore their proposed research project.

All inbound students are required to pay the following fees to NTU:

Payment type
Amount Inclusive of GST***
Application fee (one-time payment)S$151
​Fees chargeable per semester Amount Inclusive of GST***
Research fees (lab based) *from S$2,271
Research fees (non-lab based) *from S$1,867
Miscellaneous fees **

for Undergraduates
for Postgraduates

* Fees are subject to changes without notice. 
** Miscellaneous fees will be based on the semester rates according to start date of research.
*** Prevailing GST rate of 8% wef 1 Jan 2023.

Other fees:

Payment typeAmount Inclusive of GST
Fees payable to ICA for Student’s Pass (STP) application : 
Processing feeS$30
Issuance feeS$60
Multiple journey visa (if applicable)S$30


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