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Whether you are an international student exploring NTU as your next destination, or an NTU student looking to go overseas, you will find an array of information on our website to support every step of your international journey. Explore the countless ways in which NTU can open doors to a broader perspective, expand your horizons, and shape your academic and personal growth.


International Students

International students seeking an immersive and enriching academic experience at a global university in the heart of Asia will find information and useful resources in our Guide for International students. 

NTU Students

NTU offers enriching student mobility programmes with more than 350 partner universities in close to 40 countries around the world through its Global Education and Mobility (GEM) initiatives such as GEM Explorer and GEM Discoverer programmes. Both offering exceptional opportunities to engage in a transformative global learning experience. You may find out more about the outbound programmes here.

Overseas internships are also available if you would like to expand your horizons and gain experience working in a different culture.

Connect Programmes

The Connect Programme cultivates robust partnerships with institutions of higher learning, industrial entities, and governmental organisations in each strategic market, synergistically collaborating with them to initiate impact driven projects and proactively launch transformative initiatives, thereby empowering and enriching the academic experience of students.