Building a Culture of Learning

We are dedicated to creating knowledge to meet the global challenges of the 21st century and nurturing innovative and socially responsible leaders to shape the future of Singapore, Asia and beyond. Our university focuses on students’ learning experiences and providing them with opportunities to develop skills that will enable them to face the future challenges with optimism and confidence.

Holistic Education

The NTU Education aims to inculcate in all NTU graduates the desired attributes of Cognitive Agility, Character and Competence or the 3 'C's. This entails having a flexible interdisciplinary curriculum design that encourages student-driven learning, and an inter-linked curriculum and co-curriculum programmes that are experiential and collaborative. The NTU Education is defined by two interrelated pillars – interdisciplinary learning, and experiential & collaborative learning.

Interdisciplinary Learning

Aiming to heighten students’ awareness on the inter-connectedness of world’s complexed challenges that demand interdisciplinary approaches to access the right resources for designing sustainable solutions.

Development of transferable skills in NTU Education can provide our graduates with a competitive edge in gaining potential employment opportunities as they manoeuvre through job changes.

Our interdisciplinary pillar consists of:

  • New interdisciplinary collaborative core courses mandatory in undergraduate programmes
  • Postgraduate Transferable Skills Series
  • New interdisciplinary programmes
  • Enhanced interdisciplinary research

Experiential and Collaborative Learning

Inspiring students to develop an innate desire to explore and create, and an astute attitude towards risk taking.

Adopting an experiential and collaborative learning approach that closely mirrors the future of work and academia, students would gain domain knowledge, advance their capacities in innovation, collaboration, emotional intelligence, ethical sensitivity, and embrace lifelong learning.

Experiential learning components through collaborative learning includes professional internships, overseas programmes, projects and fieldwork. Other experiential learning efforts made to forge synergies between research, innovation and entrepreneurship, include NTU Makers' labs, making and tinkering courses, and an entrepreneurship minor programme.

Our dedicated Co-Curriculum offers a wide range of well-designed learning programmes with outcome-based learning objectives, facilitated by faculty and staff, often in collaboration with students. Our Co-Curriculum platform consists of the following five components: