Academic Support

​I&AE understands that some students with disabilities and special needs may experience challenges in accessing standard learning materials, taking exams in the regular format, participating in classroom activities and more.

​I&AE works with relevant departments to provide appropriate academic support to ensure that all students with disabilities and special needs are given equal opportunity to achieve their academic best.

Examples of learning assistance and support are:

  • Academic and Examination Arrangements
  • Learning support
  • Assistive technology


Academic Assessment Accommodation

For programmes that include tests and examinations as a form of assessment, the following are some examples of academic assessment accommodations:

  • Access to laptop and printer services for students with writing difficulties.
  • Additional writing time.
  • Questions papers with larger font size and paper size.
  • Separate room for tests and examinations.
  • Written examination announcements for students with hearing difficulties.

Eligibility criteria

1.      Students must have permanent disabilities / Special Education Needs (SEN).

2.      Matriculated students of the following status:

         a.  Full time and part-time

         b.  Local, international and exchange

         c.  Undergraduate and post-graduate

Application deadline

  • Application starts in week 0 to week 2 of each semester. Submission of application after the stipulated deadline will cause delays to the approval of academic assessment accommodation provision.
  • Ad-hoc application may be accepted if students are newly diagnosed with permanent disabilities/SEN or have emerging challenges resulting from his/ her permanent disabilities/ SEN.

To apply for academic and exam accommodations, please email us at


Learning Support

The following are some learning support services available:

  • ​Note-taking services for students who are unable to take notes effectively during lectures and tutorials
  • Video transcription for online lectures when captions are unavailable
  • Sign language interpretation for classroom activities
  • Conversion of text and diagrams into Braille / tactile format for students with vision loss

Assistive Technology

Students may use assistive technology in class, tests and examinations, if necessary. Students who are eligible for SEN Fund may apply for funding to purchase the relevant technology. For more information about the SEN Fund, visit url: