Academic Support

​I&AE understands that some students with disabilities and special needs may experience challenges in accessing standard learning materials, taking exams in the regular format, participating in classroom activities and more.

​I&AE works with relevant departments to provide appropriate academic support to ensure that all students with disabilities and special needs are given equitable opportunity to achieve their academic best.

Examples of learning assistance and support are:

  • Academic and examination arrangements
  • Learning support
  • Assistive technology


Academic Assessment Accommodation

Students with permanent disabilities / Special Educational Needs (SEN) may be eligible for academic assessment accommodations for programmes involving tests and examinations as forms of assessment. Examples of accommodations include additional time, separate rooms and access to laptops. 


Learning Support

A range of support services are also available, including note-taking, sign language interpretation, video transcription and conversion of text and diagrams to Braille/tactile format. 


Advisory on Assistive Technology Devices

Assistive technology is important to some students with disabilities and special needs as the devices and software can help students access learning materials. I&AE has an assistive technology library with some common assistive devices and software available for students to loan.

If necessary, I&AE may refer students to external agencies for professional assessment before deciding the best assistive technology for students to use in school.

If eligible, students may use the SEN Fund to purchase relevant assistive devices. For more information, visit url: