Co-facilitate Career Skills Workshops

The Insider Series Workshops are offered in the periods of August-October and January-March every year, for employers who are keen to partner CAO's Training Team to conduct or co-facilitate career and employability skills workshops.

Wish to increase direct impact on NTU students and play a part in developing young talents? Share with students on topics such as resume writing, interview skills, business communication, presentation skills, project management and data analytics.

Groom Future Leaders and Intrapreneurs

NTU PEAK is an intensive one-month case challenge programme that CAO co-developed with industries to groom high-calibre NTU students into industry-relevant future leaders who wish to impact the workplace and community.

As an industry partner of NTU PEAK, you will mentor aspiring Year 2 to 4 students from different disciplines, giving you the first mover advantage to brand your organisation and talent-scout for your graduate recruitment. 

Offer Projects and On-The-Job Training

Partner CAO’s Work-Integrated Education team to give NTU students real-world projects and structured on-the-job training.

Through NTU EDGE (Equipping and Development via Guided Exposures), companies can gain access to talents across NTU’s student population, from freshmen to postgraduate levels, and at a flexible timeline, catering to your project needs. Supervised by an industry project mentor, our students will be working on your projects individually or in teams. Projects run between 6 weeks and 12 weeks.

The NTU Work-Study Degree Programmes (WSDP) allow companies to benefit from a steady supply of skills- and career-minded students through greater interaction with talents in the professional work environment. Early access to develop and nurture talents over multiple internships throughout the student’s degree studies will enhance your organisation’s talent development pipeline.

Share through Experiential Learning and Mentorship

CAO welcomes opportunities to work with industry partners on career experiential education programmes such as NTU Xperience Job Shadowing, Company Visits, Alumni Networking Engagements and NTU CAmpcOde Hackathon.

NTU Xperience is a short duration job shadowing programme offering students a better understanding of a specific job role. Through Company Visits and Alumni Networking Engagements, organisations can better brand themselves to NTU students through meaningful and inspiring sessions. 

We also welcome individual mentors to join the NTU ConnectingMinds platform to share career skills and experiences with our students. 

Build Your Employer Brand through Advertisements

Increase your company's mindshare in NTU through print and digital advertisements in our exclusive career guide for students. Brand your company as an Employer of Choice by booking your advertisement space in the CareerTracks magazine and microsite, published annually by CAO.