The Institute for Pedagogical Innovation, Research & Excellence (InsPIRE)

In response to a rapidly changing world driven by technology, increasing interconnectedness, and environmental forces, the Institute for Pedagogical Innovation, Research & Excellence (InsPIRE) was set up as part of the NTU 2025 Education Strategy to better prepare students for success in their lives and livelihoods - via development of attributes embodied by the 3C’s: Character, Competence and Cognitive Agility.

Thriving in today’s educational climate not only requires mastering content knowledge; students must also be proficient in critical thinking, communication, teamwork, creativity, and have an interdisciplinary approach to solving real-world challenges. To create an authentic learning environment to cultivate these skills requires constant evaluation, adaptation, and innovation of educational strategies, which is what this new institute aims to achieve.


InsPIRE's Mission:

Institute for Pedagogical Innovation, Research & Excellence mission

InsPIRE's Organisation Chart

InsPIRE will integrate the following NTU’s centres and offices, leveraging the strengths and expertise of professors and researchers across the University and build stronger synergies across pedagogy, technology, research and scholarship on teaching and learning.

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Our Work, Initiatives, and Collaborations:

Discover the latest news, achievements, and happenings by viewing InsPIRE's half-yearly report. Stay updated and gain valuable insights into our educational initiatives and progress, which include focus areas on Authentic Learning and on Generative Artificial Intelligence. We also welcome you to follow us on Social Media, where you can get bite-sized pedagogical research findings and best practices, study hacks, GenAI tips, invitations to events and post-event highlights.

At InsPIRE, we are committed to keeping our educational strategies current and relevant. To achieve this, we actively collaborate with various stakeholders, including NTU alumni, industries, and esteemed education research entities within NTU. Notable partners in our collaborative efforts include the National Institute for Education (NIE), Centre for Research and Development in Learning (CRADLE), as well as education services such as Learning Technologies and Digital Media (LTDM) from the Center for IT Services and the Student Administration and Services Department (SASD). Through these synergistic collaborations, we continuously enhance our educational practices to ensure they meet the evolving needs of our students and the broader community.

InsPIRE Publication Report for August 2023 InsPIRE Publication Report for August 2023

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