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We encourage all Suppliers to visit Ariba Discovery > "I'm Selling" > Leads > Find "Nanyang Technological University". Please click here for detailed guide.
This will allow supplier to search for all the list of sourcing events and open up other opportunities. 

**Important Notes**

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Alert to Suppliers :-


Risk of non-payment if the goods/services are delivered without a Purchase Order from NTU Ariba.  Click here for the exception list.


Please be informed that there have been numerous phishing scams incidences involving hoax NTU Purchase Order ( PO ) to unknowingly vendors and partners. To prevent the  likelihood of similar vulnerabilities occurrence, NTU would like to again remind all vendors and partners to be more vigilant, only to perform transaction through the University’s official Ariba P2P portal & communication channel.  When in doubt of any dubious University email domain or purchasing enquiry/ requisition/ order , kindly seek immediate clarification with the requestor & Purchasing Office through the University official communication channel.



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