New programmes

Bachelor of Computing (Hons) in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Society

The programme provides students with a solid technical foundation in AI and extensive practical exposure to ethical AI system design...

Bachelor of Social Science in Philosophy, Politics and Economics

This is a new integrated Major, four-year honours degree programme, where students learn to integrate multiple disciplinary approaches...

Bachelor of Chinese Medicine

This four-year degree programme focuses on Chinese medicine and basic Western medicine knowledge, with the intention of producing...

Bachelor of Applied Computing in Finance

An interdisciplinary degree that blends deep domain knowledge in finance and strong technological and analytical skillsets through...

Accountancy for Future Leaders (Bachelor of Accountancy in Sustainability Management and Analytics)

Integrating sustainability, analytics, and a unique work-study component. Immerse in a 30-week internship with ACRA-recognized ATOs...

Second Major in Sustainability

Learn how you can maintain the health of our world for the benefit of current and future generations, by understanding how our env…


Undergraduate Scholarships

NTU offers a variety of scholarships to new and current students pursuing their full-time undergraduate studies based on academic merit & good co-curricular records.


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Discover friends with activities and organizations, leadership, athletics and fitness, health and wellness, and support and guidance on campus.

Residential Life

Our halls offers a supportive environment in which to live, learn, and forge friendships. Learn more and apply for on-campus housing.

International Exposure

Learning truly takes on an international dimension with numerous opportunities to go abroad for exchange programmes, internships, projects and more.

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Here’s a selection of some of the most iconic buildings, recreational spaces and fun spots for you to visit on the NTU Smart Campus. Enjoy a virtual tour or drop by to see what makes NTU one of the top most beautiful campuses in the world.

Forge your future

Chart your future as you navigate your undergraduate journey. Whether you are a disruptor or an innovator, a specialist or an entrepreneur, match your strengths and interests with a tailored curriculum to achieve your goals.

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