Emergency Grant and Urgent Needs

The University offers various schemes which students facing financial difficulties can apply for. These include public funding and private philanthropic gifts to provide help for affected students.

OneNTU Fund
This fund supports students who are Singapore citizens and permanent residents needing immediate assistance. Eligible students may get an interest-free advance of up to $1,500, which they will reimburse to the university within two years after graduation. 

NTU Priorities Fund

NTU Priorities Fund addresses urgent needs identified by the University's leadership and its first use will be to offer financial assistance to the neediest NTU students from Singapore and abroad, and who have no other recourse for help. Students who receive support from this Fund will pledge to 'pay it forward' within two years after graduation and return the interest-free cash assistance to the University. By nurturing this "evergreen fund" as a university resource to benefit future generations of students, NTU aims to perpetuate the cycle of philanthropy so that future students who need assistance can continue to receive financial aid.

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Other forms of philanthropic funds
Funded by philanthropic gifts, this is a one-off grant to assist the neediest students or those who face unforeseen financial crises.