NTU Study Loan

Full-time undergraduates who have taken or are taking up one or more of the following schemes: Tuition Fee Loan and/or CPF Education Loan Scheme and/or Mendaki Tertiary Tuition Fee Subsidy/Loan.

Scholarship recipients who are interested in taking up this loan to finance part of their fees and/or their living expenses may contact Ask Finaid for consideration.

The above loans/subsidies must cover at least 90% of the MOE subsidised tuition fees paid by a Singaporean student.

For a Singaporean student, the above loan/subsidies may cover 80% of the MOE subsidised tuition fees paid by a Singapore student on condition that his monthly household Per Capita Income (PCI) is assessed to be $950 or less.

For Singaporean and Singapore Permanent Residents, the monthly household Per Capita Income (PCI) must be ≤S$2,700. For international students, the monthly Per Capita household Income (PCI) must be ≤S$1,200.

No, you cannot apply for this loan if you are not interested in taking up any of the loans covered in point 1 above.

This loan is a 2-in-1 loan comprising a fee loan component and living allowance loan component.

For all full-time undergraduates, the loan finances up to 10% of the  MOE subsidized tuition fees payable by Singaporeans.

On top of the fee loan component, you may borrow a living allowance loan of up to $3,600 per academic year. 

You need only apply once for this loan to cover you for the remaining duration of your programme at NTU.

The outcome of your SL application will be informed via your NTU Student Email Account.

Successful applicants are required to accept the offer online and to complete the loan signing via DBS Online. For applicants who are not able to sign the agreement online, they are to collect the loan agreement from NTU NSS- Finance office to

i) sign the loan agreement with your guarantor at DBS Raffles Branch in the presence of a bank officer (Student and Guarantor signing in Singapore)


ii) send the loan agreement back to your guarantor who does not reside in Singapore and your guarantor to sign the original NTU Study Loan Agreement in the presence of a Notary Public / officer from Singapore Embassy in home country (Student signing in Singapore, Guarantor signing in home country).

Please refer to our website for more information on procedures to complete the loan agreement signing.

After students sign via DBS online, the loan will only be disbursed when DBS sends NTU the loan account details.  The loan disbursement must prerequisites on concurrent holding of Tuition Fee Loan / CPF Education Loan Scheme / Mendaki Tertiary Tuition Fee Subsidy / Mendaki Loan / Post Secondary Education Account.

Please refer to our website for more information on procedures to complete the loan agreement signing.



The loan is interest free during study, with interest and repayments (instalments) commencing upon graduation.

As a guide, if you graduate in June, the norm is for interest to commence in August.  The bank will inform you of the interest start date.

For Singaporeans and SPRs, loan is interest-free up to 5 years after graduation if PCI ≤S$950. Otherwise, the loan will be interest bearing after graduation.