Learning Technologies and Digital Media (LTDM)

LTDM offers teaching and learning digital solutions that are in line with NTU Education 2025 to develop the 3C’s (Cognitive agility, Character and Competence) in students, and aligns strategic directions and initiatives so as to deliver the best outcomes to enable a great global university. ​ 

Over the years, LTDM has worked with a variety of stakeholders within the NTU community to introduce technologies to enhance students’ learning as well as provide general media support.

LTDM Stakeholders

Teaching & Learning Experiences

Every digital learning design created in NTU is driven with the emphasis on student engagement. With this in mind, both the Virtual Adaptive & Distribution Learning Model (VADL) and NTULearn Ecosystem are vital to the delivery of learning solutions for learners.

The multi-dimensional mix of the VADL model allows us to cater to different demands of today’s learners and the change in learning landscape. Together with the NTULearn ecosystem, both are anchors to demonstrate the NTU Smart Campus vision to harness digital and technology enhanced solutions for higher education; enabling tailored hybrid learning, time efficiency, and empowering learners to construct and build upon existing knowledge – for there lies the true power of learning.


VADL Model NTULearn Ecosystem

About LTDM

LTDM serves the NTU community by providing end-to-end solutions for teaching and learning, as well as media support. Our suite of services include:​

  • design and development of learning courseware,​
  • operation and support of learning solutions and AR&VR solutions, and​ 
  • implementation of learning technologies and digital media, including web learning, events and media production, web publishing and social media. ​ 

To facilitate all our services, we have a pool of talented staff comprising Learning Designers, Multimedia Specialists, Video specialists, System Management and Support team, and Events and media support team.


Contact Us

For enquiries, please contact us at  citslearningtech@ntu.edu.sg