Local Internships

Credit-bearing Internships

In the curriculum structure at NTU, most students are required to undergo practical attachment in various organisations as part of their degree programmes. The period of attachment varies from 8 weeks to 24 weeks. The purposes of the attachment programmes are to supplement NTU's in-house practical professional training or/and to lessen the on-the-job training of these students when they graduate, as well as to instill in them the right kind of work attitude and work professionalism, so that they can become effective and productive to their respective organisations much sooner than is usual for fresh graduates. 

Many of the organisations which have repeated participated in the internship programmes have cited the following benefits derived:
• opportunity to evaluate and recruit potential employees,
• additional manpower to supplement existing staff, and
• fresh ideas and perspectives from enthusiastic students.

Requirements Expected of Participating Organisations

Participating organisation is required to:

  1. assign a supervisor, preferably an engineer or a professional staff to supervise the students and assess their work performance during their attachment period and
  2. provide a structured attachment programme, with emphasis on applications, management and hands-on experience for the student. 

Allowance & Working Hours 

The allowance to be paid to the student will be determined by the organisation. As a guide, most organisations are paying $1000 to $2000 per month (CPF exempted) for local attachment. This subsistence allowance paid to the student to meet his/her daily expenses.

Students will follow the normal office working hours of the organisation on a five-day or five-and-a-half day week basis. 

Work Permit or Training Pass

An organisation taking in a foreign student who is full-time matriculated or registered student of NTU for local attachment under NTU's attachment programme is exempted from applying for a work permit or training pass in respect of that foreign student.

Income Tax

The allowance paid to the student is not liable for income tax in Singapore as long as there is no employment contract between the student and the participating organisation. 


Students are covered against personal or bodily injuries caused by or arising out of accidents through a Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme (24-hour worldwide) arranged by NTU. The University has also taken up a Public Liability Policy Insurance to indemnify organisations against claims and damages arising as a result of providing such training facilities. The territorial limits of this coverage are confined to attachment placements within Singapore and other ASEAN countries. 

If you are keen to participate in our credit-bearing internship programme, please email us to assist you further. 


Engineering 3rd / 4th Year

Internship Period:

  • August to December
  • January to May
  • May to July

For enquiries, please contact [email protected].

    ProgrammeInternship Period
    ^Physical & Mathematical Sciences 3rd / 4th Year
    CBC - Chemistry & Biological Chemistry
    PAP - Physics & Applied Physics

    MAS - Mathematical Sciences

    July to December (CBC, PAP & MAS)
    January to June (CBC, PAP & MAS)
    May to July (PAP & MAS)​
    Biological Sciences 3rd and 4th Year
    ​July to December
    January to June​
    ^ Environmental Earth Systems Science 3rd / 4th Year
    August to December
    January to May

    ^ Internships for these programmes are optional.

    For enquiries, please contact [email protected]​.

    Business & Accountancy

    Internship period:

    • May to July
    • January to June (Part-time)
    • July to December (Part-time)

    For enquiries, please contact ​[email protected].

    Humanities & Social Sciences 3rd Year

    Internship period: May to July

    Internship programmes for Humanities & Social Sciences are optional. 

    For enquiries, please contact [email protected].

    Communication Studies 3rd Year

    Internship period: January to June

    For enquiries, please contact [email protected].

    Maritime Studies 3rd Year

    Internship period: May to July

    For enquiries, please contact [email protected].

    Art, Design & Media 3rd Year

    Internship period: May to July

    For enquiries, please contact [email protected].

    Sport Science & Management 4th Year

    Internship Period: January to June

    For enquiries, please contact ​[email protected].

    3rd and 4th Year PhD Students

    Internship period:

    • August to December
    • January to May
    • May to July

    For enquiries, please contact [email protected].

    Organisations interested in participating in any of the above programmes, please use the following links to do so:

    For organisations who have an account on InPlace: https://inplace.ntu.edu.sg 
    For organisations new to NTU internship: https://bit.ly/internship_NTU 

    For enquiries, please email [email protected].



    Non-credit-bearing Internships

    Students are encouraged to take on multiple internships during their vacation periods as non-credit bearing internship (i.e. personal internship) to get a head start on their career. Organisations may submit internship opportunities via our NTU Career Axis portal

    On this web-based system, you can:

    • Broadcast internship positions, as well as graduate job opportunities (Permanent / Temporary)
    • Receive applications and shortlist candidates conveniently throughout the year
    • Create organisation profiles
    • Get connected with NTU undergraduates from all years