Minor in Design and Systems Thinking


This interdisciplinary minor programme is curated in partnership between CoE, CoS, CoHASS, NBS, and LKCMed and is open to all NTU students. Applicants can apply for the Design and Systems Thinking Minor either during the undergraduate admission exercise or during their course of undergraduate studies. There are no special requirements for entry into this minor programme. 

As the economy becomes increasingly diversified and innovation-driven, employees from different domain are required to generate innovative solutions collaboratively. This interdisciplinary approach to problem-solving calls for new pedagogical ways to train the next generation of graduates for tomorrow. The recently published “Schools of the Future” report by the World Economic Forum highlighted several critical characteristics in learning content and experiences that define high-quality learning in the “Education 4.0” framework. These characteristics include (i) opportunities for innovation and creativity, (ii) acquiring technological know-how, (iii) problem-based and collaborative learning, and (iv) lifelong and student-driven learning.  

The aims of this minor programme are to prepare students for the future workplace. This programme will expose students to 

  1. complex problems and how these problems are regulated in the real-world, and  

  2. systems thinking mindset that encourages creative problem solving outside the usual discipline-based channels. 


The Design and Systems Thinking Minor Programme fulfils the standard minimum number of academic units for a Minor, i.e., 15 AUs. Students, therefore, need not exceed their normal candidature of 3 or 4 years. To fulfil the requirements for the Design and Systems Thinking Minor, students will need to complete the following list of courses. Students may choose to take elective courses anytime during their candidature.  

Compulsory Courses (12 AUs)

CodeCourse TitleAUsPrerequisite Semester 
DR9001Introduction to Design 3 1 & 2
TBCInterdisciplinary Project Work 6DR90012 + ST*
TBCDesign & Systems Thinking 3DR90012

* 23-week (13 weeks Semester + 10 weeks Special Term) 


Elective Courses (Minimum 3 AUs) 

CodeCourse TitleAUsPrerequisiteSemester 
BU8501Marketing for the 21st Century 3 1 & 2
Marketing Communication 3
1 & 2
PS9886Making and Tinkering Lite 2
MD9112Health Coaching 3 1
TBCCognitive Psychology 3 2


Important Notes:
  1. Students must read minor courses as either Broadening Electives or Unrestricted Electives, and the AUs earned will count towards the students’ academic unit requirements for Broadening/Unrestricted Electives. 

  2. These minor courses must be graded.  Students must not opt for them to be graded as Satisfactory(S)/Unsatisfactory(U).

  3. Students should complete the stipulated course requirement to be awarded the Minor. 



      Ms Madona Fernandez 
      EEE Academic Programme Office
      Email:  eeeundgrad@ntu.edu.sg