Programme Overview

The URECA undergraduate research programme provides an opportunity for NTU undergraduates to work with faculty members and research staff on the cutting-edge research projects for over a period of 11 months (August to June). URECA programme also prepares undergraduates for their postgraduate research studies by providing appropriate foundations in research in their chosen area. Students who are eligible for URECA will receive the invitation in end of July to participate in the URECA Programme.

The URECA programme encompasses of 4 types of research projects:

URECA is a research project proposed by NTU/NIE faculty from various schools, where undergraduates can choose over 1000 faculty-led research projects from different academic across the university.

Undergraduates will gain hands-on experience in fields of interest, better conceptualize course material beyond textbook and classroom learning; and develop transferable skills including critical thinking, problem solving, communication, collaboration, independence, and time management.

URECA provides opportunity for undergraduates to explore and a glimpse into other academic discipline such as Engineering, Science, Art, Humanities or Business through their selected research projects.

IDR-URECA is an Interdisciplinary Research proposed by NTU/NIE faculty from two or more different academic disciplines (different schools) to provide Interdisciplinary Research experience.

Undergraduates will gain insights into various disciplines through sharing of knowledge/ expertise/ resources; acquires different knowledge/ skills/ approaches to research that integrates two or more disciplines; and apply knowledge in conducting research that spanning two or more disciplines.

IDR-URECA equips undergraduates with relevant research skills and knowledge for Interdisciplinary Research or in their chosen research field and career.

CLRI-URECA is an Industry Research proposed by Principal Investigators (PI) or Researchers from NTU Corporate Labs and Research Institutes, which integrates industry research with learning to work alongside on industry-specific problem statements or exploratory research.

Undergraduates will experience fundamental research at the cutting-edge of Corporate Labs and Research Institutes under the mentorship of the PIs or researchers of international repute in Life Changing Innovative research projects in a multidisciplinary environment.

CLRI-URECA enhance undergraduates’ learning through practical knowledge that will lead to greater employability opportunities through university-industry connections.

FYP-URECA is a Final Year project (FYP) that is conducted as a continuation of an earlier URECA research project carried out by an undergraduate during his/her 2nd and/or 3rd year of study. Under this programme, URECA students will continue their research projects into FYP under the supervision of their former URECA supervising. FYP-URECA aims to maintain the continuity of URECA students' research experience as far as possible for seamless transition to postgraduate research studies or career in research.

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The DISCOVER URECA Poster Exhibition & Competition is an annual event where URECA / FYP-URECA students exhibit a poster about their research and present them to a panel of judges, faculty members, researchers, and peers. The well-presented research posters will be awarded the overall winner and recognise as the best in the respective poster category. The poster exhibition event provides a great networking platform for students to foster individual discussions and exchange of ideas. URECA/ FYP-URECA students gain experience in presenting their research at the poster session of an academic conference and receive invaluable feedback from experts in their field of study.

The International Conference of Undergraduate Research (ICUR) is a two-day academic conference that showcases the best in undergraduate research from around the world. NTU URECA is honoured to be partnered with the Monash-Warwick Alliance. ICUR provides URECA/ FYP-URECA students with a unique opportunity to present their research in real-time, video-linked sessions. Students can seize the opportunity to internationalise their research experience by presenting on the world stage. The conference will also offer workshops on communicating their research and to learn how to maximise their research potential through academic publishing avenues and networking for career success.

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The Global Undergraduate Awards (UA) is the world's leading academic awards programme which recognises top undergraduate work, shares this work with a global audience and connects students across cultures and disciplines under the patronage of President of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins, since February 2012. UA serves to distinguish and acknowledge the world’s leading creative thinkers and problem solvers through their undergraduate coursework. It is open to all penultimate and final year First and Second Upper Class students of all disciplines to submit their work to one of the 25 categories of academic disciplines. The students’ coursework is then anonymously assessed by a panel of international academics and industry leaders. The best 10% of work is shortlisted as Highly Commended, and the top submission in each category is deemed the Global Winner. URECA is pleased to be part of this programme in bringing together the brightest and best students across all disciplines to build life-long relationships in the academic world.

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