EdeX Grant Variation

Requests for variations, including budget virement, project extension, changes to project scope, or changes in PI or Co-PI, must be submitted through RISE (https://fibi.ntu.edu.sg). These requests should include justifications and are to be accompanied by evidence of satisfactory progress. (2FA login may be required to access RISE)

Requests for an increase in funds will not be considered, as the awarded funds are final.

A request for a project extension must be accompanied by a progress report that outlines the current status of the project and includes milestones achieved. The maximum duration for a grant extension is limited to 6 months, unless there are compelling reasons for a longer extension.

For instructions on how to submit for grant variation, please refer to the resources available at RISE webpage.

  • Go to https://fibi.ntu.edu.sg 
  • Click on the ‘Research Summary’ tab
  • Under the ‘Useful Links’ section, click on ‘Rise Resources’
  • Refer to the ‘Training Slides and User Guides’ column
  • Click on the link that indicates ‘Training Slides for Principal Investigators (Project Variation)’

Request approvals may take up to one month, thus please do submit any request early to avoid any delays in the projects.

Contact Points for support

  • On issues relating to RISE, please submit a ServiceNow Request to Ask RISE@NTU.
  • On general administrative assistance support for your project, such as claims, procurement, variation requests, etc., kindly reach out to your corresponding School Research Administration colleagues for advice.
  • On matters relating to EdeX Grants, please email [email protected]