EdeX Teaching and Learning Grant

The EdeX Teaching and Learning (T&L) Grant was introduced in 2012 to provide monetary support for disciplinary experts to conduct Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) studies at NTU via systematic inquiry or research into student learning. They are intended to foster a broader culture in NTU that nurtures and supports the strategic teaching and learning aims of the university. Each year, the projects focus on various themes related to NTU's Educational goals.

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Edex grant recipient
Edex grant recipient

Eligibility and Themes:


This grant is open to all full-time members of NTU. The formation of a project team, whether inter-department or inter-school, is strongly encouraged and may include non-faculty members (like technical staff) and industrial or business partners. 

There are three themes to choose from for the AY2024-2025 cycle, “Using forms of digital technology to improve the development of critical and creative thinking”, “Pedagogy of inclusion for transformative education”, and “Encouraging learner agency to confront a complex and uncertain world”.

To download a copy of the detailed EdeX T&L Grant Guidelines, please click here.

Grant Requirements:

Recipients are required to show that the proposed project is grounded in existing research with the aim to directly improve student learning outcomes. They are also expected to share publicly what they have learnt from their respective Grant projects, with the aim of achieving broader and more systematic impact at an institutional level.

The EdeX T&L project should be completed within an 18-month period (or less) from the time of the grant. Project extensions may be granted upon application, supported by justifications and/or proposals for new related endeavors.

  1. An Annual Progress Report is due one year from the date the grant is awarded. In the event that the project is shorter than one year, only a Final Report is required.
  2. A Final Report (including a Financial Statement of Account), is due one month after the project ends. Each project leader is responsible for providing this report to the CTLP by the end of the project closing date as stated in the award letter.
  3. EdeX Showcase which may include peer-reviewed publications, books, journals, articles, newsletters, brochures, posters, online artefacts (such as reflection pieces, blogs or work samples), conference materials, webinars, case studies and reports.

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How to apply:

All applications must be endorsed by the Chair of the School with whom the PI is associated. Completed applications can be submitted electronically via RISE (https://fibi.ntu.edu.sg/), with the application form included in the attachment section. Within the application form, digital endorsements by the Dean and Chair will be accepted.

** RISE will route your application to your School’s Research Support Office (RSO), then to the Associate Chair Research (HOD) for approval before it reaches the EdeX Grant Administrator (GM). Do submit your application early to accommodate the additional time that might be needed for the workflow and approval process in RISE.

To download application form, please click  here.

Important Dates for AY2024-25 1st Call

Applications Open08 April 2024
Grant Briefing Session09 April 2024
Application Closing Date
20 May 2024
Presentation of Shortlisted GrantsAugust 2024
(to be confirmed)
Results AnnouncementMid-September 2024
Project Commencement01 October 2024
Project Completion
31 March 2026


Grant Briefing Session 

An online information session will be held on Monday, 9 April from 12pm to 1pm. This session will provide details of the grant, examples of grant projects and information about support available for designing SoTL projects.


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To download a copy of the detailed EdeX T&L Grant Guidelines, please click here