EdeX Grant Past Recipients

2023-24 (1st Call)

1 Project Title: Designing Effective Collaborative Tech-based Learning for ICC Courses to Improve Interdisciplinary Knowledge and Competencies
PI: Dr Le Chencheng, CoS/ The Asian School of the Environment (ASE)
Co-PI: Assoc Prof Chen Wenli, National Institute of Education (NIE)
Co-PI: Asst Prof Zhu Gaoxia, National Institute of Education (NIE)
2 Project Title: Assessing the effectiveness of interdisciplinary teams on learning and assessment for STEM versus non-STEM students 
PI: Dr S Supraja, CoE/ School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE)
Co-PI: Choong Wen Tai, Wayne, COHASS/ Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information (WKWSCI)
Co-PI: Goh Zhang Hao, COHASS/ Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information (WKWSCI)
Co-PI: Dr Le Chencheng, CoS/ The Asian School of the Environment (ASE)
Co-PI: Dr Vidya Sudarshan, CoE/ School of Computer Science and Engineering (SCSE)
3 Project Title: Evaluation of a Pilot Mentoring programme for Students with Special Education Needs (SEN); SOAR (Strengths and Outcomes-focus AppRoach)
PI: Asst Prof Nah Yong Hwee, National Institute of Education (NIE)
Co-PI: Chng Hwui San Germaine, Student Affairs Office (SAO)
Co-PI: Chia Woon Yee, Student Affairs Office (SAO)
​4 Project Title: Examining how laboratory teaching assistants’ attitudes and approaches towards inquiry-based learning impact students’ learning 
PI: Dr Mukta Bansal, CoE/ School of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology (CCEB)
Co-PI: Ms Lim Li Yin, InsPIRE/ Centre for Teaching, Learning, and Pedagogy (CTLP)
5 Project Title: Partnering industry as course content provider for authentic learning experience
PI: Dr Zhang Zhengyang, CoE/ School of Computer Science and Engineering (SCSE)
6 Project Title: Investigating the Readiness of Continuing Education and Training (CET) Professionals in exploring the use of Generative AI tools in Designing Instruction
PI: Assoc Prof Doris Choy, National Institute of Education (NIE)
7 Project Title: MS0003-LLM: A Generative Chatbot for Personalised Learning in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence
PI: Asst Prof Leonard Ng Wei Tat, CoE/ School of Materials Science & Engineering (MSE)
Co-PI: Kedar Hippalgaonkar, CoE/ School of Materials Science & Engineering (MSE)
8 Project Title: An ‘AI-enhanced Personalized Course Recommendation (‘AIPCR’) tool to promote lifelong learning in MSE
PI: Dr Fong Wen Mei, Eileen, CoE/ School of Materials Science & Engineering (MSE)
Co-PI: Assoc Prof Li Shuzhou, CoE/ School of Materials Science & Engineering (MSE)
Co-PI: Assoc Prof Kim Mi Song, CoE/ School of Materials Science & Engineering (MSE)
9 Project Title: Exploring the Effectiveness of Chatbot-Assisted Language Learning: A Longitudinal Case Study in Chinese & Korea Language Acquisition
PI: Dr He Xiaoling, CoHASS/ School of Humanities (SOH)
Co-PI: Narae Jung, CoHASS/ School of Humanities (SOH)
10 Project Title: Investigating GPT for enhancing teaching and learning; User Readiness and Strategies
PI: Assoc Prof Quek Choon Lang Gwendoline, National Institute of Education (NIE)
Co-PI: Assoc Prof Wang Qiyun, National Institute of Education (NIE)
11 Project Title: Enhancing Student’s Engagement in Tutorials through an Escape Room Game Supported by Generative AI
PI: Dr Liu Siyuan, CoE/ School of Computer Science and Engineering (SCSE)
Co-PI: Assoc Prof Zhu Gaoxia, National Institute of Education (NIE)
12 Project Title: Enhancing Design Thinking Education with AI Generative Tools for Effective Teaching and Learning 
PI: Dr Pui Tze Sian, COE/ School of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology (CCEB)
Co-PI: Dr Mukta Bansal, COE/ School of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology (CCEB)
Co-PI: Dr Poernomo Gunawan, COE/ School of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology (CCEB)
13 Project Title: Modernizing Traditional Laboratory Teaching Modules with Innovative Technology Tools 
PI: Assoc Prof Song Juha, COE/ School of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology (CCEB)
Co-PI: Assoc Prof Raymond Lau Wan Man, COE/ School of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology (CCEB)
14 Project Title: Ask Narella – Your Friendly & Personalized 24-7 Teaching Assistant
PI: Mr Ong Chin Ann, CoE/ School of Computer Science and Engineering (SCSE)
Co-PI: Dr Smitha Kavallur Pisharath Gopi, COE/ School of Computer Science and Engineering (SCSE)

2022-23 (2nd Call)

1 Project Title: Facilitating Student’s Learning of Continuous Distillation with Augmented Reality for Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Students
PI: Dr Poernomo Gunawan, CoE/ School of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology (SCBE)
Co-PI: Assoc Prof Cai Yiyu, CoE/ School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE)
Co-PI: Dr Lu Yunpeng, CoE/ School of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology (SCBE)
2 Project Title: Authentic Learning Through Solving Real-World Problem Under the Guidance from Industry (Maersk)
PI: Mr Chiu Sai Hoi Benson, CoE/ School of Civil and Environmental Engineering (SCSE)
Collaborator: Industry partners from Maersk
3 Project Title: Blended Classroom Flipping with AI-driven Peer Instructions
PI: Assoc Prof Chee Wei Tan, CoE/ School of Computer Science and Engineering (SCSE)
​4 Project Title: Improving engineering-students’ workspace readiness by engaging industry partners in developing authentic assessment tasks
PI: Dr Liu Shukui, CoE/ School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE)
Co-PI: Ms Jeanette Choy, InsPIRE/ Centre for Teaching, Learning, and Pedagogy (CTLP)
5 Project Title: Learning analytics to drive effective education and policy
PI: Assoc Prof Aravind Babu Dasari, CoE/ School of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE)
Co-PI: Dr Luciana Lisa Lao, CoE/ School of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE)
Collaborator: Dr Lim Fun Siong, InsPIRE/ Applications of Teaching and Learning Analytics for Students (ATLAS)
6 Project Title: Transformative mobile learning in a first-year interdisciplinary writing class
PI: Dr Chia Weiting Joanne, CoHASS/ School of Humanities (SoH)
Co-PI: Dr Angela Frattarola, CoHASS/ Language and Communication Centre (LCC)
Co-PI: Asst Prof Lisa Winstanley, CoHASS/ School of Art Design and Media (ADM)
Advisor: Prof Ong Yew Soon, CoE/ School of Computer Science and Engineering (SCSE)
Collaborator: CITS-LTDM
7 Project Title: Engaging learners through knowledge creation with podcasting
PI: Dr Catherine Peyrols Wu, NBS/ Nanyang Business School (NBS)
8 Project Title: Pilot study to automatically tag graduate attributes to academic/co-curricular courses for AI-based course advising to  students
PI: Dr Lim Fun Siong, InsPIRE/ Applications of Teaching and Learning Analytics for Students (ATLAS)
Co-PI: Dr Sze Chun Chau, CoS/ School of Biological Science
Collaborator: Ms Kristin Loh, Career Services Management
Collaborator: Mr Jerome Lo Wai, LTDM/Centre for IT Services (CITS)


2022-23 (1st Call)

1 Project Title: Collaborative Teaching Between Remote Higher Education Institutions - A Blended Synchronous Learning Approach to Educational Neuroscience
PI: Dr Astrid Schmied, National Institute of Education (NIE)
Co-PI: Dr Yuvaraj Rajamanickam, National Institute of Education (NIE)
​2 Project Title: Developing a Learning Analytics Model to Facilitate Adaptive Blended Learning
PI: Dr Fu Yuguang, CoE/ School of Civil and Environmental Engineering (SCSE)
Co-PI: Assoc Prof Wang Zhiwei, CoE/ School of Civil and Environmental Engineering (SCSE)
3 Project Title: Designing Group Activities to Enhance Undergraduates' Interdisciplinary Learning
PI: Asst Prof Zhu Gaoxia, National Institute of Education (NIE)
Co-PI: Dr Fan Xiuyi, CoE/ School of Civil and Environmental Engineering (SCSE); 
Co-PI: Asst Prof Zhao Jun, CoE/ School of Civil and Environmental Engineering (SCSE)
  • Dr Atiqah Azhari, Centre for Research and Development in Learning (CRADLE)
  • Dr Katherine Yuan Guangji, National Institute of Education (NIE)
  • Ms Lim Mengyu, CoHASS/School of Social Sciences (SSS)

2021-22 (2nd Call)

1 Project Title: Cultivating Self-Awareness and Self-Compassion for Mental Wellness and Self-Regulated Learning
PI: Dr Evelyn Au, InSPIRE/ICC Office
Co-PI: Assoc Prof Ho Hau Yan Andy, CoHASS/School of Social Sciences (SSS)
​2 Project Title: Computer-supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL) Strategies in Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering Design during the Covid-19 Pandemic
PI: Dr Heng Kok Hui John Gerard, CoE/School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE)
Co-PI: Assoc Prof CHEN Wenli, National Institute of Education (NIE)
3 Project Title: E-seminar for Interdisciplinary Teaching
PI: Dr Long Yi, CoE/School of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE)
Co-PI: Prof Fang Hongjin, CoS/School of Physical & Mathematical Sciences (SPMS)
4 Project Title: Making Thinking Visible: Unpacking Thinking Process with Digital Annotation Tool
PI: Mr Rony Lim, Nanyang Business School (NBS)
Co-PI: Dr Michelle Phang Mee Seong, Nanyang Business School (NBS)

Project Title: The Use of Tiktok Videos in Creating Authentic Learning Experience for Foreign Language Learners
PI: Ms Hani Mustafa, CoHASS/School of Humanities (SOH)
Co-PI: Asst Prof Walid Jumblatt Abdullah, CoHASS/School of Social Sciences (SSS)
Co-PI: Ms Mariyam Bee Abu Bakar, CoHASS/School of Humanities (SOH)
6 Project Title: Rethinking the Design of Powerpoint Slides: How Design Affects Audience Comprehension
PI: Ms Soo Wansing Esther, CoHASS/School of Humanities (SOH)
Co-PI: Dr Hsieh Yi-Chin, CoHASS/School of Humanities (SOH)
​7 Project Title: Transformational Effects of Curriculum Co-creation in Medical Education
PI: Dr Han Siew Ping, Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine (LKCMedicine)
Co-PI: Mr Emmanuel Tan Chee Peng, Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine (LKCMedicine)
​8 Project Title: Integrating Next-Generation Sequencing Into UnderGraduate Health Training (INSIGHT)
PI: Assoc Prof Joanne Ngeow, Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine (LKCMedicine)
Co-PI: Dr Goh Wen Bin Wilson, Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine (LKCMedicine)
Co-PI: Assoc Prof Wong Hei Sunny, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)/Faculty of Medicine
9 Project Title: Utility of Low-fidelity 3D Anatomy Models in Improving Visuospatial Understanding Among Spatially Challenged Students
PI: Dr Vivek Perumal, Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine (LKCMedicine)
Co-PI: Asst Prof Dr Sreenivasulu Reddy, Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine (LKCMedicine)
Co-PI: Dr Ranganath Vallabhajosyula, Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine (LKCMedicine)

2021-22 (1st Call)

 NameSchool / DepartmentProject Title
1Asst Prof Yuen Kum Fai
Developing interdisciplinary problem-solving skills through role play in the Maritime Studies programme
​Assoc Prof Andy Khong 
Toward a data-driven decision-making strategy for predictive intervention of at-risk students
Asst Prof Eileen Fong
The nature of engineering design thinking: An interdisciplinary teaching and problem based authentic learning approach
Dr Pui Tze Sian
SCBECreating authentic learning experiences in a student-led maker community

Asst Prof Perrine Hamel
Evaluating the effectiveness of authentic assessment for environmental sciences in higher education
Dr Angela Frattarola
Developing academic writing skills through the video essay and measuring the advantages
Prof Lam Yeng Ming
MSEEnhanced learning via a hybrid training method – Using technology to augment the instrumentation training efficiency
Assoc Prof Soo Han Sen
Achieving 3D visualisation as a threshold concept for symmetry and spectroscopy with augmented and virtual reality

2020-21 (2nd Call)

 NameSchool / DepartmentProject Title
1Dr Hoo Hui Teng
Developing effective interdisciplinary teams: A scoping review and pilot study
​Dr Lim Boon Chong
Personalised Support for Collaborative Learning Outside of the Classroom
Prof Low Kin Yew
Impact of Outcomes-Based Teaching and Learning on Students’ Ability and Engagement in Self-Assessment (*continuation)
Dr Wilson Wen Bin Goh
Evaluating cooperative learning outcomes for online group learning in a post-Covid-19 world

Prof Seah Hock Soon
CAVRoom: Collaborative Experiential Learning with
Constraint for Creativity
​Asst Prof Ivan Panovic 
Collaborative Reading in Sociolinguistics Seminars (CRISS) assessment of the effectiveness of a social annotation tool
Asst Prof Michelle Wang
Literary Engagements and Imaginative Worldbuilding
Dr Tan Woon Hong, Eunice
"This is how they write": Interdisciplinary Classroom Communication in a University-Level Communication Course
Dr Lu Yunpeng
Augmented Reality Apps for Chemical Science and Engineering Laboratory Courses
Assoc Prof Soo Han Sen
Achieving 3D Visualisation as a Threshold Concept for Symmetry and Spectroscopy with Augmented/Virtual Reality
Assoc Prof Gianluca Esposito
Open platform for enhanced educational content creation and collaboration
Asst Prof Benjamin Turner
Linking Use of WileyPLUS Tools to Enhanced Collaborative Learning and Improved Student Learning Outcome


2020-21 (1st Call)

 NameSchool / DepartmentProject Title
1Prof Tan Yap Peng
Intelligent Video Proctoring for Online Assessment
​Dr Ranganath Vallabhajosyula
An interactive online pelvic anatomy e-learning module for obstetrics and gynecology (OBGYN) residents
Ms Yang Lishan
​Closing the feedback loop in Team-based Learning (TBL) through a “Move On/Stay Here” (MOSH) app for LAMS
​Dr Jo-Ann Netto-Shek
​Student collaboration on digital book talks: Reader and global identities

Asst Prof Li Yi SCSE
Effective Learning Through In-Class Online Competition
​Mr Abel Pérez Abad 
​The role of Intercultural Awareness in International Environments. The case of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)
Mrs Cristina Gonzalez Ruiz
Enhancing collaborative language and culture learning through wikis
Asst Prof Sonny Rosenthal
​Attentional and learning effects of live composite video lectures


2019-20 (2nd Call)

 NameSchool / DepartmentProject Title
1Assoc Prof Justin Dauwels
Uncovering the science of collaborative learning through audio and video analytics in team-based learning

Assoc Prof Rusli
Team Learning in Laboratory Experiments
​Assoc Prof Tan Lay Poh 
​Material Engineering Education Stakeholder Analysis
​Dr Angela Frattarola
Assessing the impact of revisions made to a first year semester writing course

Asst Prof Yusuf Ali
​To develop TBL content for Research Integrity to supplement e-learning for postgraduate students
​Ms Lau Chew King
The Impact of Change in Class Participation
Assessment Weighting on the Students’ Communication
Dr Wong King Yin
​Exploring the effects of gratitudes and entitlement on social interdependence of undergraduates
​Asst Prof Jiang Heng
​Lesson study approach of team assessment for teaching an NIE Education course
​Asst Prof James Kwan
Engineering Anatomy - Build your own cardiovascular system (continuation)
​Mr Lim Fun Siong
​Institutional research on the impact of teaching and learning 


2019-20 (1st Call)

 NameSchool / DepartmentProject Title
1Dr Poernomo Gunawan
Augmented Reality for Chemical Engineering Unit Operations (Arches)
​Assoc Prof Ng Woon Lam
​To Develop Tonal Structure Analytical Software to Assist Students' Learning of Tonal Design
​Ms Wong Pei Wen
​Participatory Design of Teaching and Learning: Integrating Perspectives between Industry, Students and Instructor
​Dr Anna Lagerstroem
​Students as partners in research design and rubric creation to promote student engagement and learning
​Asst Prof Guillaume Thibault
​Improving student learning using open-ended question assessment with machine learning-driven immediate feedback
​Dr Fedor Duzhin
​Mathematical theory of peer evaluation of individual contribution to teamwork

2018-19 (2nd Call)

 NameSchool / DepartmentProject Title
1Dr Shao Xuguang, Michelle
A good start leads to a great finish – A Platform for the Successful EEE Freshman’s Transition into University 
2Assoc Prof 
Teh Kah Chan 
Individual/Group readiness assessment: Promoting students’ learning and providing timely performance feedback for blended courses 
3Dr Chong Seow Khoon, Mark
Maker Communities Gain Adaptive expertise In the uniVERsity (McGAIVER)
4Dr Ta Nguyen Binh Duong
LearningChain: decentralizing teaching and learning via blockchain technology
5Ms Patricia Lorenz
Engaging Students in Cross Disciplinary Module Design
6Dr Sureenate Jaratjarungkiat
Innovative Assessment for Listening Comprehension in Foreign Language Learning Using 360°VR Video
7Assoc Prof 
Improving feedback on short essays in biology courses through an AI-aided assessment
8Dr Claire Ann Canning
Evaluating Very Short Answer (VSA) questions for assessment in Team Based Learning 
9Assoc Prof Karen Crasta
Students as Partners: Qualitative Analysis of Student Reflections in Practical Reports for Collaborative Curriculum Development 
10Dr Chue Kah Loong
Using a Team Based Learning (TBL) approach to assess and promote student learning 
11Prof Low Kin Yew
Evaluation of the impact of OBTL Initiative in NTU on Teaching and Learning

2018-19 (1st Call)

NameSchool / DepartmentProject Title


Ms Catherine Peyrols Wu


Identify effective interventions to enhance undergraduates' intercultural networking capability


Dr Hoo Hui Teng


Negotiate self and peer feedback of teamwork competencies in higher education


Asst Prof Tom Carney


Maximising active learning in the TBL classroom through analytics of Readiness Assurance Questions


Ms Roger Winder


Integration of an Online Language Error Detection System into an Engineering Communication Course Curriculum


Dr Rebecca Nichols


The Implementation and Evaluation of an Undergraduate Teaching Assistantship Programme


Asst Prof Jerome Rotgans


Enhancing student learning during Team-Based Learning preparation


Asst Prof James Kwan


Engineering Anatomy - Build your own cardiovascular system


Dr Pui Tze Sian


Developing active learning and student-centered pedagogies in Biomedical Engineering introductory electronics course


Dr Ang Liang Peng


Three principles as a common language for developing Assessment for Learning modules in NIE


 NameSchool / DepartmentProject Title
1Dr Teo Chee ChongSCEEDeveloping and Assessing Creative Problem Solving and Critical Thinking among Undergraduates in Operations Management Education
2Asst Prof Katherine HindleySOHTeaching the History of the Book through Object- and Project-Based Learning
3Dr Hsieh Yi ChinSOHInvestigating the peer review process in undergraduate academic communication courses at NTU (for students from Engineering, Science, Humanities and Social Sciences)
4Dr Wilson Wen Bin GohSBSEngaging students as partners in the context of a scientific-thinking course with OBTL elements
5Assoc Prof Eric Yap Peng HuatLKCMedicineIntegration of 3D-Printing/VR/MR Technologies and Anatomy-Radiology.Teaching for Tomographic Imaging (CT/MRI) of the Human Thoracic Region
6Mr Tan Kheng LeongSCSEQuery-Answer-Share-Store (QUASS) [a Dynamic Knowledge Sharing system]
7Ms Kristina Marie TomSOHStudents as Partners: Student-Faculty collaboration and engagement in undergaduate curriculum design.
8Dr Sreenivasulu Reddy MogaliLKCMedicineA MagicBook for Anatomy Education: Augmented Reality as a Novel Medium for Teaching Anatomy
9Dr He Xiao LingSOHMultimedia learning materials for second language courses: A comparison of three alternatives
10Dr Aileen NgSOHAdopting a Communities of Practice framework to enhance feedback practices to improve academic writing
11Assoc Prof Tan Joo SengNBSOptimising Online Team-based Learning with Learning Analytics
12Asst Prof Graham  MatthewsSOHDeveloping and Evaluating Civic-mindedness: Students as partners in medical humanities public-engagement initiatives
13Assoc Prof Andy KhongEEE  Assessing the Impact of Initiatives on Students’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Spirit in Garage@EEE

2016-17 (2nd Call)

 NameSchool / DepartmentProject Title
1Prof Jagath C RajapakseSCSEPersonalized interventions during e-lecture
2Dr Fedor DuzhinSPMSHow does a Tutor's personal style affect students' performance
3Dr Sreekumar PankajakshanSPMSAn online homework portal with integrated structure-drawing interface to bloster organic chemistry-learning
4Assoc Prof Adam SwitzerSPMSPeer assessment of field books for improving observational skills and reflective reas oning
5Asst Prof Andres Carlos LucoSPMSDeveloping a support sysstem to train ethical competence
6Asst Prof Sonny RosenthalWKWSCIDevelopment and evaluation of easy--to-make live composite video lectures
7Dr Kumaran RajaramNBSDeveloping in-class activity support system for instructors to capture and monitor individual contributions of students
8Prof Michael FerencziLKCMedicineBringing information literacy into the classroom: a model for librarian - faculty collaboration  
9Asst Prof Stefanie ChyeNIEUncovering Interactions in Team-based Learning (TBL): An Exploratory study
10Asst Prof Zachary M. WalkerNIEIntegrating Team-Based Learning And Video Modelling Into Education Courses

2016-17 (1st Call)

 NameSchool / DepartmentProject Title
1Dr Ho Shen YongSPMSYouVote!: Enhancing real-time response activities to promote generative learning
2Dr Preman RajalingamLKCMedicineTechnology Enhanced Burning Questions: Optimising Classroom Discussions to Promote comprehension and Critical Thinking
3Asst Prof Ng Woon LamADMTo Develop Software to Support Students’ Learning of Practical Color theory in 3-D Color Space
4Asst Prof Rupshi MitraSBSPreparation and validation of a concept inventory at the intersection of neuroscience and biological psychology
5Asst Prof Kristy KangADMAn online collaborative platform for critical making and mapping in the classroom
6Dr Smitha Kavallur Pisharath GopiSCSEConcept Visualization and simulation web portal to support study of abstract topics in computer architecture
7Assoc Prof Tan Joo SengNBSLearning Analytics for Online Team Based Case Writing at NTU
8Dr Christopher HillHSS‘Learning transfer’ and the teaching of communication skills to engineering students at NTU
9Dr Stewart ArnoldNBSPromoting student learning about what “integrity” really means in practice.

2015-16 (2nd Call)

 NameSchool / DepartmentProject Title
1Asst Prof Sara SandinSBSFrom atom to cell level: learning about scale and complexity of biological structures
2Dr Owen FernandoSCSEAssessing Source Code of Undergraduate/Postgraduate with Code Quality Assessment Tool (CQAT)
3Prof Er Meng JooEEEAn integrated approach towards effective learning
4Dr Ta Nguyen Binh DuongSCSESEFA: A secure system for interactive self-learning of computer programming via fast, automatic program evaluation
5Dr Carmel HeahHSSDesigning online communication skills materials focusing on common written errors of Engineering Students 
6Asst Prof Aravind DasariSBSFrom atom to cell level: learning about scale and complexity of biological structures
7Dr Fedor DuzhinSPMSDoes team based-learning improve exam scores

2015-16 (1st Call)

 NameSchool / DepartmentProject Title
1Assoc Prof Tan Yap PengEEEDevelopment of Data Analytics Capabilities for Enhanced Teaching and Learning
2Dr He XiaolingHSSAdopting WeChat as a Mobile Platform for Chinese Language Teaching and Learning at NTU
3Mr Steven Robert AdamHSSAn exploratory study on grammatical features in academic written discourse of Singaporean undergraduates
4Assoc Prof Zhao YanliSPMSThree-dimensional visualization of stereochemistry facilitates student learning in organic reaction mechanisms
5Dr Sreenivasulu Reddy MogaliLKCMedicineInvestigating the Effectiveness of 3D Printed Models in Anatomy Teaching
6Dr Kumaram RajaramNBSScaffolding the flip: Developing an activity support system for instructors of flipped classroom courses
7Assoc Prof Zaher JudehSCBEDevelopment of API formulation course (CH4016) using team based learning approach (Grant Extension)
8Professor Kingsley BoltonHSSA qualitative assessment of the communication needs of students at Nanyang Technological University (Grant Extension)
9Assoc Prof Wang QiyunNIEUsing live video conferencing to support blended learning


 NameSchool / DepartmentProject Title
1Assoc Prof Teh Cee IngCEEDevelopment of G eo-field Buddy – A Mobile App for Engineering Geology Field Learning and Assessment
2Prof Gan Chee LipMSEEnhancing Team-based Learning Experience Through E-materials and Technology Platform Development
3Asst Prof Terry W.J. SteeleMSEVirtual Laboratory Tutorials For Experiential Learning of Plastic Core Concepts
4Arvind EaswaranSCEEmbedded Systems Online
5Liu YangSCEGamifying and Socializing Teaching and Learning of Software Engineering
6Claus-Dieter OhlSPMSGame Engines, 360° Camera, and Head-Mounted-Displays in Science Classes
7Assoc Prof Randall PackerADMOpen Source Studio: Online Workspace for Teaching, Research & Artistic Creation
8Dr He XiaolingHSSTeam-based Learning in Foreign Language Courses: Innovative Curricula,Teaching and Assessment in Chinese, Thai and Japanese
9Assoc Prof Shirley S.HoWKWSCITransforming Team-based Learning to Humanities and Social Sciences Courses
10Katharine BoursicotLKCMedicineEnhancing the Transition from Classroom Learning to Workplace Learning Environments
11Asst Prof Zachary WalkerNIETeam-Based Learning in an NIE Education Course
12Dr Lim Yang Teck, KennethNIESurfacing Intuitions and Misconceptions in the analysis of circuits with an Immersive Learning Environment


 NameSchool / DepartmentProject Title
1Wong Jia YiingEEEE-Tutor
2Prof Kingsley BoltonHSSA Curriculum Renewal Project: Assessment of Science Students’ Communication Needs
3Nachiket KapreSCEContinuous Automated Assessment for Project-Centric Learning
4Asst Prof Elison LimNBSMarketers At Work and Consumers In Action: Using Videos, Interactive Exercises and Games 
5Assoc Prof Zaher JudehSCBEDevelopment of Online Integrated Laboratory Briefings, Demonstrations and Assessments
6Assoc Prof Ajai VyasSBSDevelopment of Online Course Module with Special Emphasis on Pedagogy-based Assessment for Promotion of Learning
7Salil BoseSBSCase-based Approach for Relational and Extended Abstract Knowledge of Evolution through Study of Animal Behavior


 NameSchool / DepartmentProject Title
1Nachiket KapreSCEAssessment Engineering for High-Impact, Programing-Centric Courses in Science and Technology
2Dr Kenneth OngHSSVirtual Language Table - A Smartphone App to Enhance Collaborative Language Learning
3Teo Kian Jin, Jason / 
Mark Yong Chuan Tze
SCERemote 24-Hour Hardware Lab Experimentation
4Assoc Prof Andy KhongEEEEE3014/IM3001 Digital Signal Processing: from concepts to real-world applications using mobile e-pedagogical approaches