EdeX Faculty Learning Communities Grant

The NTU EdeX Grant is designed to promote the development of strategies to enhance the quality of teaching and the student learning experience in NTU. Such grants are intended to foster a broader culture in the University that nurtures and supports that primary objective. The Faculty Learning Communities (FLC) Grant, a subset of the EdeX Grant, aims to bring together faculty across disciplines to engage in focused and sustained exploration of a shared idea, concept, or interest area that addresses current issues and strategies in NTU Education 2025.

An FLC is a peer-led community of faculty and staff specifically structured to provide a supportive environment where members work together to produce outcomes or products about teaching and learning. Members of such communities engage in scholarly practice, collaborating within a collegial framework that offers peer review and support, and developing the scholarship of teaching and learning. 

To view the list of projects which have been awarded the EdeX FLC Grant, please click here.


Eligibility and Structure:


All full-time faculty member in NTU can apply for this grant as the Principal Investigator (PI). Members of the FLC can include both faculty and non-faculty members (e.g. professional staff, teaching assistant, undergraduate and postgraduate NTU students).

Once the FLC is approved and moves to the meeting stage, the PI who initiates the FLC will assume the role of a facilitator. Each FLC will should have one Principal Facilitator and at least one Co-Facilitator. The FLC facilitator plays an essential role in helping to create and sustain an environment that fosters genuine community, deep learning, and projects of significance among the members in the learning community.

The requisite size for an FLC is between 6 to 12 persons. We strongly encourage having a team composition comprising members from across multiple disciplines and at different levels and career stages.

To download a copy of the detailed EdeX FLC Guidelines, please click here.


Grant Requirements:


The FLC project should be completed within an 18-month period or less from the time of the grant. Project extensions may be granted upon application, supported by justifications and/or proposals for new related endeavors.

All successful grant holders will be expected to commit to the following:

  • An EdeX Showcase which may include conference presentations, open educational resources, and peer-reviewed publications.
  • An online artefact to be featured on the CTLP website (or similar), such as reflection pieces, blogs or work samples created by the FLC.
  • A Final Report (including a Financial Statement of Account) is to be provided at the conclusion of the FLC project. The Final Report will document the achievement of objectives, deliverables, and interaction with FLC members for distribution at the EdeX Showcase and made available to the wider University community.

To download the Final Report template, please click here.


How to apply:


All applications must be endorsed by the Chair of the School with whom the PI is associated. Completed applications can be submitted electronically via RISE (https://fibi.ntu.edu.sg/), with the application form included in the attachment section. Within the application form, digital endorsements by the Dean and Chair will be accepted.

** RISE will route your application to your School’s Research Support Office, then to the Head of Department for approval before it reaches the EdeX Grant Administrator. Do submit your application early to accommodate the additional time that might be needed for the workflow and approval process in RISE.

To download the Application Form, please click here. Grant variations are to be submitted through RISE.


Important Dates:

Applications Open25 March 2024
EdeX FLC Grant Briefing Session
27 March 2024
12.00pm – 1.00pm
Online Session (register here)
Application Closing Date
25 April 2024
Feedback and Revision for Shortlisted ProjectsMay - June 2024
Results Announcement1 July 2024
Complete Project Account Creation in RISE31 July 2024
FLC Project Commencement
1 August 2024
FLC Project Completion31 January 2026

Email [email protected] for questions regarding this grant.