Replacement of Degree Certificate

The degree certificate is a record of static information – the graduate’s name, degree earned, prevailing University signatories, as at the time the degree was conferred by the University Chancellor. In addition, with the evolution of the University’s governance structure, the appearance as well as the signatories on degree certificates may have changed over the years.

The degree certificate is a unique and important document and each graduate is only issued the hard copy degree certificate once. There can only be one hard copy in existence for each graduate at any time for the same qualification and additional copies or duplicates are not available. Graduates should retain the original degree certificate and it should not be given to others under any circumstances.

In the event that the original degree certificate is lost or damaged, a replacement of degree certificate may be requested. The replacement degree certificate will be printed using the prevailing NTU certificate format with the current NTU signatories and will contain the statement 'Replacement Copy' on the reverse page of the certificate. The name printed in the replacement degree certificate must be identical to the original in accordance with the NTU official records. Any name change after graduation will not be reflected in the replacement degree certificate.


Submission of Replacement Request

For replacement of lost degree certificate, a police report or statutory declaration is required as supporting document. The statutory declaration to file the loss of your NTU Degree Certificate shall be made at a notary public located in the city you are residing in. Self-declaration will not be accepted. 

The statutory declaration shall include the following information: graduate’s name, date of birth, passport number use in NTU, NTU matric number, degree awarded, when the degree was awarded and when the degree certificate was lost or damaged. Statutory declaration which are not made in English shall be submitted together with translations in English.

For replacement of degree certificate which is damaged, the original degree certificate should be submitted.

Please complete and submit the Replacement of Degree Certificate Request Form together with the relevant supporting documents to:

Nanyang Technological University
Office of Academic Services
Student Services Centre, Level 2
42 Nanyang Avenue
Singapore 639815


Fee Chargeable

The replacement fee is S$109.00 which must be made at the point of submission of your request. Double degree graduates will have to pay S$218.00 if the original certificates of both degrees are lost or damaged. The processing time is about 4 weeks upon receipt of all required documents and full payment of the replacement and postage fee (if applicable). All prices listed are inclusive of GST and any payment made is non-refundable.