Community Standards

Be part of a diverse respectful community

Orientation activities should be conducted in an inclusive manner with students showing mutual respect and support for each other.

While you learn about life at NTU and make new friends during this period, do be sensitive to those of different nationalities, ethnicities, and cultures when interacting with each other. All should observe NTU's University Code of Conduct, Student Code of Conduct, and Anti-Harassment Policy, as well as the Guidelines for Freshmen Orientation. Please read and understand these documents.

Some tips on positive online interactions:

1) Be inclusive, respectful, and sensitive. Use of vulgarities and inappropriate images is prohibited. Use English in all activities, and do not use expressions or conduct games that hurt or exclude participants from different cultural backgrounds.

2) Think twice before you hit the ‘enter’ button (virtual interaction). The way you express yourself online reflects your communication in real life. Be aware of how your comments may affect others. If you won't say / do something in real life, don’t do it online.

3) It’s okay to say ‘No’. It is common to form friendships online. You may receive invitations to groups or exchange personal details. Remember, if you don't feel comfortable, it’s okay to decline the request.

4) Create positive memories. Videos, photos, snapshots capture the times we spent together. They should not be used for illegitimate purposes and without permission.

5) Be honest, be truthful. If you are sharing information, cite your sources and verify the details before sharing. Do not spread rumours and fake news.

6) Be considerate, do not have fun at another person's expense. Sometimes we struggle to communicate, and our words and actions come across differently from what we intend. Look out for each other. Be a proud member of our community of mutual respect and support.

If you see something you feel is inappropriate, report it to your professor.

If you think that your or others’ physical safety or security is being compromised, call Campus Security at 6790-5200 for immediate assistance.