Get Ready For Virtual Orientation


The health and safety of our students is a top priority for NTU. This is why, in light of the COVID-19 situation, NTU will be having a virtual freshmen orientation for 2021. While planned activities are conducted differently, the core mission remains the same – to get our freshmen ready for the start of a fulfilling learning experience here at NTU. We will strive to create the best possible orientation experience for you. We are excited and cannot wait to welcome you into the NTU family!

We encourage you to participate in as many orientation activities as possible to get a taste of life at NTU. The information below will help you prepare to take part in the virtual orientation activities so that you are ready to begin your journey as part of OneNTU.


Activate Your Computer Accounts

Make sure you have activated your NTU network account and Office 365 EDU account. You will need your Office 365 EDU account to sign into Microsoft Teams, where you can chat, meet and interact with other freshmen, senior students or even your professors online during the orientation.

Access Your NTU Mailbox

All NTU official emails, including information pertaining to orientation will be sent to your  Office 365 EDU mailbox (e.g. Ensure that you check your mailbox regularly.


Register For The Orientation Programmes

Browse through the exciting orientation programmes lined up for you. Register for your respective school/programme orientation, and select one of the club orientations that may be of interest to you. If you are staying in a hall, take part in the hall orientation where you will find valuable information for navigating life on campus. (Tip: Download the NTU Mobile App from App Store or Google Play Store to easily access orientation information, anytime and anywhere.)


Setup Microsoft Teams And Other Tools Prior To Orientation

Microsoft Teams will be used as the primary communication platform throughout the orientation. Please refer to this  eGuide for how you can setup and use Teams on your computer and mobile devices, including staying engaged for the specific orientation that you have registered for. If you have questions about setting up the tools, please contact our IT Service Desk.


Get Reliable Internet Access For Live Online Sessions

During the orientation, you will be attending a number of live online sessions hosted using video conferencing platforms from  Microsoft Teams and/or Zoom. For an enjoyable online experience, ensure you have reliable Internet access and connect to the Internet using LAN where possible. If you need help with Internet access, please contact your School for more information.


Be Mindful Of The Code Of Conduct

The university and student leaders believe that orientation should be inclusive and welcoming for every student, and we take a serious view of students who engage in ragging. Please review the  Community Standards and help create a caring environment for all.


Attend Your School's Pre-Orientation Briefing

The pre-orientation briefing is a good opportunity for you to find out more about the orientation programmes, exactly what you need to prepare for the orientation activities and meet your seniors for the first time. You will also get the chance to ask questions.

Alright, You Are All Set For The NTU Virtual Orientation Experience

On the day of your orientation programme, please make sure you are signed into Microsoft Teams. All the orientation activities and resources will be communicated via Teams. Once again, welcome to our Freshmen Orientation 2021.