Receive PO from NTU

Purchase Order Terms & Conditions
Please click here for full NTU PO T&C.

Point to note when you receive an interactive PO email:

1. Click on Process Order once you receive the Purchase Order notification to see the Order details:

2. Click here for sample of NTU Purchase Order template for your reference.

3. Purchase Order (PO) Confirmation:
NTU has disabled the functionality for PO confirmation. Suppliers are not required to perform PO confirmation as this functionality has some negative​ impact to NTU process;
- unable to perform any variation to the PO price, description and supplier address
- unable to retrigger the system to resend PO if supplier has lost its initial PO

4. Ship Notice:
NTU does not need suppliers to create Ship Notice from Ariba Network and does not encourage suppliers to do so.