Ariba Account

Account Type

  • Standard Account

Ariba Standard Account is free of charge. NTU encourages suppliers to register for a free standard account to transact with us. For standard account, there will be basic functionality to receive purchase orders and submit e-invoice. To upgrade to Enterprise account, there is a “Get enterprise account” button on your account home page.

  • Enterprise Account

Suppliers with Ariba Enterprise Account will be charged with supplier fees when the transaction value reaches SGD 70K and document count (POs and Invoices) reaches 5 (for all customer relationships per account). Click here for more information on Ariba pricing.

To see the differences between Ariba Standard Account and Enterprise Account, please refer to this page.

GST Profile Setup

In compliance with IRAS GST regulation, Ariba Network account legal profile for GST setup is mandatory.

GST StatusTaxable SuppliesNon-taxable Supplies
Singapore GST registered companiesTax invoiceStandard invoice
Non-Singapore GST registered companiesStandard invoiceStandard invoice

Click here for GST Profile User guide.

Good Receipt Notification

Ariba system allows invoicing only after good receipt is done, partial good receipt/invoice is allowed. Follow this simple user guide to configure good receipt notification in your Ariba Network to receive email notification when NTU has done good receipt.


Supplier should register for an Ariba account with a generic email address.  Subsequently supplier can use this registered email address to login to their Ariba account, retrieve user ID and reset password.