Published on 09 Nov 2023

Playing a part in securing Singapore’s water security: Opinion

Prof Shane Snyder looking on as a student performs an experiment

In an op-ed, NTU Prof Shane Snyder, the executive director of NEWRI, discussed his thoughts on water resilience and spoke favourably of Singapore's Public Utilities Board in safeguarding the country's water supply, following the latest Forward Singapore (Forward SG) report.

"I had a flashback to March 2008, when I received a letter that would forever change my life. The letter was from Mr Khoo Teng Chye, chief executive of national water agency PUB, inviting me to attend the Water Leaders Summit during the first ever Singapore International Water Week (SIWW)," he wrote.

Prof Snyder was impressed by what Singapore had accomplished, largely inspired by one of its founding fathers, Mr Lee Kuan Yew. He remarked that from NEWater to Marina Barrage to ocean desalination to imported water, Singapore had already established a brilliant portfolio of diverse sources of water. Without question, water resilience was core to the success and sustainability of Singapore.

“Fortunately, Singapore has what it takes in terms of talent and infrastructure to test and maintain this vibrant ecosystem and remain water-resilient using new technologies, superior education programmes, and through state-of-the-art pollution detection and monitoring systems,” he said, adding that “we will have to remain resilient despite every growing threat to our waters, but together, I remain fully confident that Singapore will continue to see safe and reliable water, while at the same time protecting our coasts and recreational waters.”

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