Published on 20 Jul 2023

CNA documentary series on Nanyang Technological University’s sustainability efforts

NTU Singapore and Mediacorp have collaborated on a new documentary series about the university’s sustainability efforts, in support of the Singapore Green Plan.

The three-part CNA series, which premieres on 20 Jul (Thursday), follows how NTU is walking the sustainability talk in all aspects - education, research, innovation, as well as community engagement - and how sustainability permeates every action the university takes.

NTU’s commitment to sustainability was recognised with the Whole Systems Approach Excellence Award by the International Sustainable Campus Network in May 2023.  On the NTU Smart Campus, there are eight Zero-Energy buildings, the most number amongst organisations in Singapore.

Viewers get an inside look at how the OneNTU community is using its expertise across various disciplines to combat climate change.

In Episode One, find out what NTU is doing to mitigate the effects of a warmer earth, rising sea levels and extreme weather events. Get a firsthand look of researchers on an expedition to one of the most remote places on earth to study the melting glaciers. Also, be inspired by how NTU students are greening the campus, one tree at a time – and more.


In Episode Two , see how NTU is paving the way forward to mitigate complex challenges like food and energy security. What is NTU doing to support Singapore’s aspirations to adopt renewable energy sources? What makes NTU a living test bed for advanced technology? 


Finally, in Episode Three , learn NTU’s solutions to the messy problem of waste and food. Billions of tonnes of waste are generated each year, but NTU scientists are coming up with methods to turn trash into treasure.