Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics with Second Major in Microelectronics Engineering

Single Degree with 2nd Major

A Second Major programme combining a physics education with in-depth training in the design and implementation of microelectronic devices.

The field of microelectronics is responsible for numerous technological marvels, such as the incredible processing power and storage capacity packed into our smartphones. The continuing development of microelectronic devices relies on our scientific understanding of the physics of the microscopic world, as well as powerful physical techniques for probing and manipulating matter at the atomic scale.

The BSc in Applied Physics with Second Major in Microelectronics Engineering programme is an interdisciplinary programme offered by NTU's School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences in partnership with the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. The curriculum begins with core physics topics such as electromagnetism and quantum mechanics, and progresses into advanced topics covering the use of physics in microprocessors, integrated circuits, and other semiconductor and spintronic devices.

Minimum Subject Requirements

Qualification Minimum Subject Requirements
Singapore-Cambridge GCE A-Level H2 Level passes in both Physics and Mathematics.
Polytechnic Diploma Relevant diploma. Click here for more information.
International Baccalaureate Diploma Passes in Physics and Mathematics at Higher Level.
NUS High School Diploma Major CAP of 2.0 in both Physics and Mathematics.
Others (including international applicants) A good grade in Physics and Mathematics at the senior high school level, equivalent to the Singapore-Cambridge GCE A-Level or International Baccalaureate.

Programme Overview

Type AU
Core Courses 57 AU
Physics Major Prescribed Electives 13 (8) AU
Interdisciplinary Collaborative Core: Common Core 17 AU
Interdisciplinary Collaborative Core: Foundational Core 10 (15)
Second Major Courses
27 AU of required physics, and electrical engineering courses, and at least 4 AU from a selection of mathematics and EE4XXX courses.
31 AU

Broadening and Deepening Electives (BDE)
Can take BDEs from any offered School.

Total 140 AU


The following curriculum applies to students matriculating in 2021.
Click here for curriculum details for previous Matriculation Years.

Core Courses

Year 1
PH1104 - Mechanics 3 AU Sem 1
PH1105 - Optics, Vibrations and Waves 3 AU Sem 1
PH1198 - Physics Lab Ia 2 AU Sem 1
MH1802 - Calculus for the Sciences 4 AU Sem 1
PS0001 - Introduction to Computational Thinking 3 AU Sem 1

HW0001 - Introduction to Academic Communication

(For students who have not passed or been exempted from the Qualifying English Test)

0 AU Sem 1
PH1106 - Electricity and Magnetism 3 AU Sem 2
PH1199 - Physics Lab Ib 2 AU Sem 2
MH1803 - Calculus for Physics 4 AU Sem 2
PS0002 - Introduction to Data Science and Artificial Intelligence 3 AU Sem 2
Year 2
PH1107 - Relativity and Quantum Physics 3 AU Sem 1
PH2102 - Electromagnetism 4 AU Sem 1
PH2198 - Physics Lab IIa 2 AU Sem 1
MH2802 - Linear Algebra for Scientists
3 AU
Sem 1
PH2101 - Quantum Mechanics I 3 AU Sem 2
PH2199 - Physics Lab IIb 2 AU Sem 2
MH2801 - Complex Methods for the Sciences 3 AU Sem 2
Year 3
PH2103 - Thermal Physics 4 AU Sem 1
PH3101 - Quantum Mechanics II 4 AU Sem 1
PH3103 - Technological Applications of Quantum Mechanics 3 AU Sem 1
PH3199 - Physics Lab IIIa 2 AU Sem 1


Physics Major Prescribed Electives

Choose at least 3 AU (or 8 AU if semester internship is selected) from the following list (excluding PH4421):

Year 3
PH3404 - Physics of Classical and Quantum Information 3 AU Sem 1
PH3602 - Photonics 4 AU Sem 1
Year 4

PH4421 - Final Year Project

Students who have opted for PH4421 Final Year Project are not required to take PH4420 Professional Internship and must take PH4416 Professional Attachment during Special Terms.

10 AU Sem 1 and 2
PH4402 - Condensed Matter Physics II 4 AU Sem 1
PH4403 - Surfaces and Interfaces 4 AU Sem 1
PH4404 - Nanoscale Physics 3 AU Sem 2
PH4409 - Quantum Electronics 4 AU Sem 2
PH4414 - Introduction to Spintronics 4 AU Sem 2

Second Major Courses

Required Second Major Courses

PH3601 - Fabrication of Micro- and Nanoelectronic Devices 4 AU Year 3 Sem 1
PH4419 - Computational Physics 4 AU Year 3 Sem 2
PH4601 - Physics of Semiconductor and Spintronics Devices 4 AU Year 3 Sem 2
EE2001 - Circuit Analysis 4 AU Year 2 Sem 1
EE2002 - Analog Electronics 4 AU Year 2 Sem 2
EE2004 - Digital Electronics 4 AU Year 1 Sem 2
EE3002 - Microprocessors 4 AU Year 3 Sem 1
EE3019 - Integrated Electronics 3 AU Year 3 Sem 2

Elective Second Major Courses

Choose at least 4 AU from the following list:

MH2500 - Probability & Introduction to Statistics 4 AU
EE4340 - VLSI Systems 3 AU
EE4613 - CMOS Process and Device Simulation 2 AU
EE4614 - Device Parameter Extraction and Layout Implement 2 AU
EE4694 - IC Reliability and Failure Analysis 3 AU


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