PHME (Matric Yr 2021-2023)

BSc (Hons) in Applied Physics with Second Major in Microelectronics Engineering

Curriculum (Matriculation Year 2021-2023)

Curriculum Overview

 Academic Units (AU)
Course TypeOption with PA & FYPOption with PI without FYPOption with PI & FYP
Core Courses57 AU57 AU57 AU
Physics Major Prescribed Electives13 AU8 AU13 AU
Interdisciplinary Collaborative Core: Common Core17 AU17 AU17 AU
Interdisciplinary Collaborative Core: Foundational Core10 AU 15 AU15 AU
Second Major Courses
27 AU of required physics, and electrical engineering courses, and at least 4 AU from a selection of mathematics and EE4XXX courses.
31 AU31 AU31 AU

Broadening and Deepening Electives (BDE)
Can take BDEs from any offered School.

12 AU12 AU7 AU
Total140 AU140 AU140 AU


  • AU figures in brackets (x) indicate the number of AU if the semester internship is selected.
  • Must read either Final Year Project (PH4421) or Professional Internship (PH4420​).
  • A grade of A- or better in the Final Year Project is required to be eligible for Honours (Highest Distinction).
  • All common core and graduate level courses cannot be mapped to exchange courses. PH4XXX courses can only be mapped to exchange courses as BDE, unless the exchange course is a graduate-level course. Please refer to this page for more information.

Core Courses

Year 1
PH1104 - Mechanics3 AUSem 1
PH1105 - Optics, Vibrations and Waves3 AUSem 1
PH1198 - Physics Lab Ia2 AUSem 1
MH1802 - Calculus for the Sciences4 AUSem 1
PS0001 - Introduction to Computational Thinking3 AUSem 1

HW0001 - Introduction to Academic Communication

(For students who have not passed or been exempted from the Qualifying English Test)

0 AUSem 1
PH1106 - Electricity and Magnetism3 AUSem 2
PH1199 - Physics Lab Ib2 AUSem 2
MH1803 - Calculus for Physics4 AUSem 2
PS0002 - Introduction to Data Science and Artificial Intelligence3 AUSem 2
Year 2
PH1107 - Relativity and Quantum Physics3 AUSem 1
PH2103 - Thermal Physics
4 AUSem 1
PH2198 - Physics Lab IIa2 AUSem 1
​​​​​​MH2802 - Linear Algebra for Scientists​
3 AU​
Sem 1
PH2101 - Quantum Mechanics I3 AUSem 2
PH2199 - Physics Lab IIb2 AUSem 2
MH2801 - Complex Methods for the Sciences3 AUSem 2
Year 3
PH2102 - Electromagnetism4 AUSem 1
PH3101 - Quantum Mechanics II4 AUSem 1
PH3103 - Technological Applications of Quantum Mechanics3 AUSem 1
PH3199 - Physics Lab IIIa2 AUSem 1


Physics Major Prescribed Electives

Choose at least 3 AU (or 8 AU if semester internship is selected) from the following list (excluding PH4421):

Year 3
PH3404 - Physics of Classical and Quantum Information3 AUSem 1
PH3406 - Open Quantum Systems4 AUSem 2
PH3407 - Introduction to Plasma Physics3 AUSem 2
PH3408 - Signal and Noise in Biology3 AUSem 2
PH3602 - Photonics4 AUSem 1
Year 4
PH4421 - Final Year Project10 AUSem 1 and 2
PH4403 - Surfaces and Interfaces4 AUSem 1
PH4404 - Nanoscale Physics3 AUSem 2
PH4409 - Quantum Electronics4 AUSem 2
PH4414 - Introduction to Spintronics4 AUSem 2
PH7003 - Graduate Solid State Physics4 AUSem 1

Second Major Courses

Required Second Major Courses

PH3601 - Fabrication of Micro- and Nanoelectronic Devices4 AUYear 3 Sem 1
PH4601 - Physics of Semiconductor and Spintronics Devices4 AUYear 3 Sem 2
​PH7013 - Advanced Numerical Methods for Physicists4 AUYear 3 Sem 2
EE2101 - Circuit Analysis3 AUYear 2 Sem 1
EE2102 - An​alog Electronics3 AUYear 2 Sem 2
IE2104 - Digital Electronics3 AUYear 1 Sem 2
IE3102 - Microprocessors3 AUYear 3 Sem 1
EE3019 - Integrated Electronics3 AUYear 3 Sem 2

Elective Second Major Courses

Choose at least 4 AU from the following list:

MH2500 - Prob​ability & Introduction to Statistics4 AU
EE4340 - VLSI Systems3 AU
EE4613 - CMOS Process and Device Simulation2 AU
EE4614 - Device Parameter Extraction and Layout Implement2 AU
​EE4694 - IC Reliability and Failure Analysis3 AU